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Volume 6

Number 11

January 1989

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Group Editor
Alan McLachlan

Features Editor
Peter Davidson

Production Editor
Peter Glover

Assistant Features Editor
Steve Turnbull

News Editor
Mike Cowley

Technical Editor
Mike Cook

Promotions Editor
Christopher Payne

Promotions Coordinator
Robin Nixon

Reviews Coordinator
Pam Turnbull

Advertisement Manager
John Snowden

Advertising Sales
Peter Babbage

Gail Blincow

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd.

ABC 59,727
January-June 1986


  • News
    All the latest events in the ever-changing world of your BBC Micro.

  • Body Building
    Our technical guru demonstrates more equipment board techniques.

  • Ceefax Guide
    What's coming this month on the telesoftware pages of BBC TV.

  • Mad Hatter
    Our monthly look at adventure games - old, new and revamped.

  • Hac Man
    A wealth of useful hints and news from our resident games expert.

  • Progress Report
    How does the Archimedes stand 18 months after its launch?

  • Exciting Futures
    We preview the new Archimedes operating system from Acorn.

  • Wimps (*)
    The beginning of a new series on using Basic on the Archimedes.

  • Graphics Arc (*)
    This superb demo will show what your Archimedes can really do.

  • Recursion
    Athought-provoking look at this fascinating programming topic.

  • Library (*)
    More high quality routines which you can use in your own programs.

  • Problem Solved
    A helping hand with some of those mind-testing hardware problems.

  • Letters
    The chance to get your news, views, moans and name into print.


  • Beasty bugs (*)
    This novel test of strategy is a desperate scramble for survival.


  • Disassembler (*)
    A program to examine the Arthur OS down to the individual bytes.

  • Reconfigure (*)
    Changing Archie ram allocations without the need to press Break.

  • Arc Right (*)
    A checksum routine specifically written for Archimedes users.

  • Super Lister (*)
    How to get easy-to-read hardcopy of your Basic programs every time.


  • Software Scene
    Our reviewers cast their eyes over the very latest games releases.

  • Real Time
    3D graphics on your BBC Micro? It's not only possible - it's superb!

  • Software Quickies
    We cast a glance at three new programs for BBC Micro or MAster.

  • Watford Digitiser
    Now you can get the outside world into your Archimedes very easily.

  • Flexscan Monitor
    Need a first rate display for your Archimedes? Here's one to ponder.


  • Update
    Up-to-the-minute news of the BBC Micro in the world of education.

  • Butterflies
    Discover a brand new world of learning material in this package.

  • Rush Rescue
    Search the Australian Bush in this educational adventure for children.

  • Micro Art
    We investigate computer graphics and its role in higher education.

Z88 Section

  • Graphics
    Yes, you realy can produce high resolution graphics on your Z88! This month we describe a public domain utility to give you that power. The latest version - written by the original author of BBCBASIC(Z80) - is on the monthly disc just waiting for you to download.

(*) The Type-it-in symbol indicates that the feature contains al least one full length listing for you to key in on your micro.

(c) 1988 Database Publications Ltd.

The Micro User is an independent publication and neither the BBC nor Acorn Computers Ltd are responsible for any of the articles in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed.

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