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Title Publisher Issue
Devil's Causeway Kay Dee Software 01-07
Sphinx Acornsoft 01-11
Philosophers Quest Acornsoft 01-11
The Castle Of Riddles Acornsoft 01-11
Old Father Time Bug Byte 01-11
Circus Digital Fantasia 01-11
The Grange Dobsoft 01-11
Snowball Level 9 01-12
Colossal Cave Level 9 01-12
Creating Adventure Programs on the BBC Micro (Book) By Ian Watt (Interface and Addison Wesley) 01-12
Pimania Automata Ltd 02-01
Community Ixion Software 02-01
Bridge to the East Ixion Software 02-01
Franklins Tomb Salamander Software 02-03
Horror Castle A & F 02-03
Sadim's Castle (Quick Runs) MP 02-10
Valley of the Kings (Quick Runs) MP 02-10
The Secret River (Quick Runs) Triffid 02-11
The Wizard's Citadel (Quick Runs) Triffid 02-11