BBC Links

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library
James Watson's site dedicated to a great machine
A-Z of information on BBC Micro Games
Huge archive of software, ROMs, documentation and emulators
Hundreds of downloadable games for the BBC & Electron, disk and tape formats. Emulators, Roms, Cover Scans, Cheats, Solutions, Guides + Maps, Articles, MP3 music, a Messageboard and (coming soon) Game Documentation and Reviews.
A library online where you can find scanned Atom/BBC/Electron/Master manuals and documentation.
A collection of articles and BBC programs written by Mark for the major BBC micro magazines, as well as some unpublished stuff.
BBC micro magazine scans.
Software and documentation covering such subjects as Acorn BBCs, Econet and networking, SJ Research Fileservers, Z80, 6502 and ARM code, Co-processors and Tube systems, Harston Advanced Disk Filing System, BBC Public Domain, CP/M.

Other Links

The 80's Computer Magazine Website (Too many to list, just visit it and see)
A site dedicated to CRASH the ZX Spectrum magazine
Electron Optical Services Limited (My Employer). Another of My Web Sites.
Sinclair User Magazine Online

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