Title Issue
Find a way of completing our unfinished program - and win a BBC colour monitor. 01-01 March 1983
Win a year's supply of software by taking over where our missing Percival left off. 01-02 April 1983
Win the latest Cumana disc drive in another challenging test of your programming skill. 01-03 May 1983
Design a chess board and win yourself a Hong Kong holiday worth £3,500! 01-04 June 1983
Solve our crossword, write a clue - and you may win yourself a printer worth £500. 01-05 July 1983
Write a program to animate a high diver and you could win yourself a graphics digitiser. 01-06 August 1983
Step back in time, write a review of Space Invaders - and win yourself a Hobbit. 01-07 September 1983
Finish off a simple limerick and you could be the winner of an Acorn Teletext Adaptor. 01-08 October 1983
Win yourself an Acorn speech chip by writing a simple example of a recursive routine. 01-09 November 1983
A chance for three lucky readers to win themselves a year's access to Micronet. 01-10 December 1983
Provide Bob with an excuse for buying his disc drive, and win a 3in drive yourself. 01-11 January 1984
Think of the most original use for the Beasty - and win one to try out in practice. 01-12 February 1984
List eight ROMs in order of importance, and win them - plus a sideways ROM board. 02-01 March 1984

Here's your chance to put the "home" into home computing

02-02 April 1984
Our simple contest could be your entry to the world of computer communications. 02-03 May 1984
Share your knowledge of Basic keywords and with Acorn's amazing 6502 second processor. 02-04 June 1984
Find the hidden words and you could turn your BBC Micro into an IBM PC. 02-05 July 1984
Find the hidden computer jargon and win yourself Ikon's powerful new Ultradrive. 02-06 August 1984
You could win one of the latest language ROMs for the BBC Micro in this month's contest. 02-07 September 1984
Your thoughts on improving Basic could win an external ROM box in our free competition. 02-08 October 1984
Decide what the twins are saying to each other and win the latest database ROM. 02-09 November 1984
We've got three AMX Mouses - or is it mice? - for the winner of this month's contest. 02-10 December 1984
Win yourself LVL's amazing ECHO music system, worth over 150! 02-12 February 1985