Title   Issue
Interview A regional head of MEP talks about the micro explosion now under way in Britain's schools. 01-01 March 1983
Nomism Game How would you fare as a nomadic cattle herder? Thsi simulation will test you out. 01-04 June 1983
School The classroom where the children use a BBC Micro as naturally as they would a crayon. 01-06 August 1983
Number Balance Game Weigh up your ability to do sums with this neat program that's ideal for the classroom. 01-12 February 1984
Seawall Game Only your skill at sums can save you from the awful octopus. Number fun for infants. 02-02 April 1984
Magic Squares Game An entertaining educational program from Ian Murray. Does he practice what he preaches? 02-02 April 1984
Class Room Micros in education: A typical day in the life of a busy school computer lab. 02-02 April 1984
Fun Classroom Educational software can be fun and factual - our program for teaching areas proves it. 02-04 June 1984
Spell If your child has spelling lists to learn, this listing should make it easier for everyone. 02-04 June 1984
Difference Square A useful maths program aimed at the primary classroom. 02-06 August 1984
Number Signs An entertaining program using simple sums to test children on the four rules of number. 02-07 September 1984
Seaside Game Enjoyment and learning for younger readers as they use simple words to create a seascape. 02-09 November 1984
Magic Garden Game Create a Magic Garden by matching keys and letters in this gentle infants' program. 02-10 December 1984
Matchmaker Game Hours of fun for the whole family with this infants' game based on shape recognition. 02-11 January 1985