Title   Issue
Deathwatch We start off with a bang. There's only one word for "Deathwatch" - stupendous! 01-01 March 1983
Structure Play NIM - and find out how structured programming can easily write itself. 01-02 April 1983
King Kong Fly your helicopter to rescue King Kong's victims - but watch those deadly rocks! 01-02 April 1983
Pelmanism Shuffle the cards and put your memory to the test - but it's much harder than you think! 01-03 May 1983
Air Strike Zap four types of nasties in our fast, furious and very colourful arcade extravaganza. 01-03 May 1983
Anagrams Here are 25 anagrams for you to solve - in a clever games program that simply grows. 01-03 May 1983
Space Pilot Lost in space, with dwindling fuel supplies - can you survive hordes of alien nasties? 01-04 June 1983
Nomism How would you fare as a nomadic cattle herder? Thsi simulation will test you out. 01-04 June 1983
Tenpins There's no need to go to the bowling alley - just key in this fast-moving game of skill. 01-05 July 1983
Space Pods Your chance to save the universe from the onslaught of the burrowing aliens. 01-05 July 1983
Fruities How long can you survive the terrors that await you in the garden of unearthly frights? 01-06 August 1983
Galactic Invaders A game to get your nerves a-tingle ... a clever cross between two top arcade games. 01-07 September 1983
Robin And Marian Put on your suit of Lincoln green and take a trip to Nottingham to rescue Maid Marian from the villanous Sheriff. 01-07 September 1983
Gone Fishin' You'll fall hook, line and sinker for our gentle yet fascinating game of the month. 01-08 October 1983
Blackjack Deal yourself into our compulsive simulation of this casino favourite. Bet you'll love it! 01-09 November 1983
Goblins Your chance to journey through an enchanted forest - but watch out for the evil Goblins! 01-09 November 1983
Tower Bridge Evade ghosts and collect treasures from Tower Bridge with our latest all-action game. 01-10 December 1983
Santa's Saucer Industrial action has hit the North Pole. Can you help Santa deliver his presents? 01-10 December 1983
Barrel Battle You've never worked so hard for a cup of tea as in our latest fun-packed game. 01-11 January 1984
Number Balance Weigh up your ability to do sums with this neat program that's ideal for the classroom. 01-12 February 1984
Frogs 'n' Dogs Hop from lily pad to lily pad, avoiding hostile dogs in this delightful game for all the family. 01-12 February 1984
Alien Invasion A first-rate version of an arcade classic, plus a revealing article on Mode 7 animation. 01-12 February 1984
Gallery Strive to make sense of the Euro bureaucrats' latest ruling in this intriguing logic game. 01-12 February 1984
Denary Derrick Lots of fun and education value in this simple number game for children. 02-01 March 1984
Mazemunch Tremendous fun for all in our explosive version of one of the great, all-time arcade hits. 02-01 March 1984
Birthday Our anniversary game. Can you light the candle before you are blown out? 02-01 March 1984
Seawall Only your skill at sums can save you from the awful octopus. Number fun for infants. 02-02 April 1984
Magic Squares An entertaining educational program from Ian Murray. Does he practice what he preaches? 02-02 April 1984
Eastermaze Eggs-asperating family fun in a chick-chasing maze game especially for Easter. 02-02 April 1984
Microgolf All the fun of the fairway in the life-like simulation of a day on the links. 02-02 April 1984
Damraiders Defend the dam from submarines and bombers - an action blockbuster. 02-03 May 1984
Dug Dig Further adventures of Spaceman Bill as he dodges aliens and grabs the crystals. 02-03 May 1984
Quadline An intriguing logic game. You and the computer battle to get "four in a line". 02-04 June 1984
Road Racer Take the wheel in this stunning 3-dimensional recreation of the arcade classic. 02-04 June 1984
Doomrun Totally absorbing high speed space action. 02-05 July 1984
Mastermind The perennial brainteaser favourite, this program will keep you engrossed for hours. 02-05 July 1984
Backgammon An enthralling BBC Micro version of one of the world's most popular board games. 02-05 July 1984
Sqwhere Simple enough for infants to play Sqwhere will test even the most hardened gamester! 02-06 August 1984
Gridman Steer Sid around the grid, avoiding ferocious Dyllon. You'll love this pleasurable pursuit! 02-06 August 1984
Castle Of Fear An intriguing adventure game guaranteed to keep you enthralled for hours. 02-06 August 1984
Villains Can you preserve your Lidthium crystals from the attacks of Hugo and his assassins? 02-07 September 1984
Rollerball A gentle yet compulsive simulation of a child's toy. Can you control the rolling spheres? 02-07 September 1984
Hunt The Wampus Explore the labyrinth and track down the Wampus in our classic game of the month. 02-08 October 1984
Goulogs Escape Guide your balloon around the maze, avoiding the walls and gusts from the Goulogs. 02-08 October 1984
Duel! The classic game for two players, its high-paced action will keep you enthralled. 02-09 November 1984
Blockbuster There's an intriguing blend of speed and strategy in this game of relentless pursuit. 02-09 November 1984
Snowvaders Who's upset Santa then? Can you fight off his Xmas mercenaries in this seasonal romp? 02-10 December 1984
Pyramid Painter Can you help Pete paint his problem pyramid, avoiding Slimy Sid and the spiteful spheres? 02-10 December 1984
Miner Bill Delve into the darkest depths of a deadly diamond mine with our intrepid hero Bill. 02-10 December 1984
Rover Guide Rover to his food before it's eaten by flies - avoiding the hostile cats en route! 02-11 January 1985
Backgammon Upgrade our first version into a two player game and learn the noble art of SPOOLing. 02-11 January 1985
Copter Dogfight Are you able to survive the all-out aerial combat in the enthralling two-player game? 02-12 February 1985
Palace Of Craal In the dungeons lie adventure, a kingdom for the taking - and death for the unwary! 02-12 February 1985