Title   Issue
Sound Advice Series 1 We show you how to become a big noise in the far-from-silent world of the BBC Micro. 01-09 November 1983
Sound Advice Series 2 How to turn the noises your Micro makes into something approaching the sound of music. 01-10 December 1983
Christmas Card We use the BBC Micro to send appropriate Season's Greetings to all our readers. 01-10 December 1983
Sound Advice Series 3 Make your SOUND statements stand patiently in line with our latest micro-music article. 01-11 January 1984
Note Play Utility Turn your micro into an easy-to-play musical instrument with this outstanding utility. 01-11 January 1984
Sound Advice Series 4 Synchronise sound, and change from discord to harmony with the latest in the series. 01-12 February 1984
Sound Shaper Utility Investigate the amazing sounds your micro can make with our envelope generator. 01-12 February 1984
Sound Advice Series 5 We continue our series by explaining how to fully exploit the sound effects channel. 02-01 March 1984
Sound Library Utility Create a reference library of your favourite sounds. We give you 26 to get you started. 02-02 April 1984
Sound Advice Series 6 Baffled by the ENVELOPE command? Here's how simple it really is. 02-02 April 1984
Sound Advice Series 7 We reach the end of the series with an explanation of amplitude envelopes. 02-03 May 1984
Envelopes Utility A hands on approach to mastering the intricacies of the ENVELOPE statement. 02-03 May 1984
Xmas Carol Electron User and Micro User wish you all the best using the BBC's graphics abilities. 02-10 December 1984