Title   Issue
Disc-Overy (Disc) The formatting program that gives you a much wider choice of disc drives. 01-02 April 1983
Disassembler What is that machine code doing? This program lets you see what's going on. 01-02 April 1983
Design (Graphics) Learn about an easy way to use your micro as a computer-aided design tool, with full listing. 01-05 July 1983
Format (Printer) Here's a program that shows you a clever way to tidy up your listings. 01-05 July 1983
Contours (Graphics) Let your micro put you on the map with this ingenious contour plotting program. 01-08 October 1983
Light Pen (H/W Graphics) Add the power of a light pen to your BBC Micro! It's ideal for computer painters. 01-09 November 1983
Sideways Rom Full details of how to use your sideways ROMs for instant loading of basic programs. 01-09 November 1983
Slow Down How to slow your programs. An invaluable utility for the disabled, children - or cheats! 01-10 December 1983
Character Coder (Graphics) An invaluable utility that enables you to design and manipulate user defined characters. 01-10 December 1983
Note Play (Sound) Turn your micro into an easy-to-play musical instrument with this outstanding utility. 01-11 January 1984
Printing Levels (Printer) A multi-tone screen dump for Epsons. A clever machine code utility which reproduces the VDU. 01-11 January 1984
Single Key Entry Save wear and tear on your fingers with this utility to give Electron-type single key entry. 01-12 February 1984
Sound Shaper (Sound) Investigate the amazing sounds your micro can make with our envelope generator. 01-12 February 1984
Recovery 'Bad Program' messages? Why not use our invaluable program recovery routine? 02-01 March 1984
Light Pen (Hardware) Single pixel resolution for light pens is now possible with our resolution revolution! 02-01 March 1984
Sound Library (Sound) Create a reference library of your favourite sounds. We give you 26 to get you started. 02-02 April 1984
Norway Calling (Comms) Two utilities from Norway that allow you to transmit files via the RS423 port. 02-02 April 1984
Big Letters (Graphics) Brighten up your programs with our large letters utility that's much, much more. 02-03 May 1984
Download (Disc) Upgrading from tape to disc can cause memory problems. Here's the remedy. 02-03 May 1984
Envelopes (Sound) A hands on approach to mastering the intricacies of the ENVELOPE statement. 02-03 May 1984
Monitor A machine code monitor that makes debugging those assembly language programs simple. 02-04 June 1984
Toolkit (Disc) Make the most of your disc system. We show you the OSBYTE calls Acorn didn't. 02-04 June 1984
Keys A comprehensive user-defined key editor that really lets you see what you are doing. 02-05 July 1984
Disc Disasters? (Disc) Ever accidentally SAVED over a file? Let our utility make this a thing of the past. 02-05 July 1984
Teletext Editor (Graphics) This superb utility will allow you to create save and edit Mode 7 screens with ease. 02-06 August 1984
Disc Editor (Disc) This versatile utility will let you alter any byte on any sector of a forty track disc. 02-06 August 1984
Teletext Dump (Printer) Now you can dump Mode 7 text and graphics screens with this useful Epson utility. 02-07 September 1984
Disc Loader (Disc) A superb disc utility that allows large programs to be loaded directly to &E00 02-09 November 1984
Medit Fancy a change? This useful utility will enable you to alter any byte in RAM memory. 02-10 December 1984
Wordwise Safety Ever accidentally overwritten a Wordwise file? You'll love this playsafe utility! 02-10 December 1984
Disc Saver (Disc) A superb disc utility that allows extra large programs to be saved with PAGE at &E00. 02-10 December 1984
Catalog (Disc) This invaluable tool makes using discs simple - and that's only part of what it does... 02-10 December 1984
Talker Our "spoken word" processor for the speech chip lets you create sentences with ease. 02-12 February 1985
PROCchange (Prog) Legible listings! Let PROCchange convert capitals to lower case in procedure names. 02-12 February 1985
Disassembler Second Processor? Sideways ROMs? This disassembler takes them all in its stride! 02-12 February 1985