New Items and History of this website.

Added reviews from October 1984, November 1984, December 1984, January 1985 & February 1985 issue to menus.
Happy New Year.
Added contents from October 1984, November 1984, December 1984, January 1985 & February 1985 issue to menus.
Updated Cover Disc/Tape page to reflect the additions Dave has on The Stairway To Hell, massive update on there. Loads of tapes and game maps, hints tips, solutions etc. Must go back and get myself a load more tape images.
Added contents and reviews from September 1984 issue to menus.
Update as promised. I have now added contents and reviews from August 1984 issue to menus.
I know the site has not been updated for quite some time now. I have spent time on other projects but will be adding more soon.
I was suffering from a fatal storage buffer overflow fault (otherwise known as 'junk collecting'), it has taken me a long time to instal a new storage device that should solve my overflow problem and will also allow easier random access of the contents, I have deleted any content that had not been accessed for a long time and have put some in stort term storage and this will be made available to other collectors. The new device is known as a 'loft' and is now fully boarded out with shelves and units.
More contents will be catalogued soon, I promise. Thanks for keep coming back.
Added all reviews from March 1983 to November 1983 issues to Reviews menus.
Added contents of March 1983 to November 1983 issues to menus.
Added 2 new menus for Tape & Printer articles.
Updated indexes for September 1983, October 1983 & November 1983 with full details.
Updated indexes for June 1983, July 1983 & August 1983 with full details.
Updated indexes for March 1983, April 1983 & May 1983 with full details.
Dave Moore of The Stairway To Hell has very kindly donated the first 9 issues that were missing from my collection of TMU magazines. The TMU collection is now complete. I also have some Acorn Computing magazines now (I am looking for more).
Thanks to the people who contacted me offering to sell me missing TMU issues.
Dave of The Stairway To Hell has also allowed me to link directly to his TMU tape downloads. So the Stairway To Hell table on the Cover discs page has been updated with links to the zips hosted on The Stairway To Hell (Thanks Dave)
Thanks to Martin Rigby for informing me via the guestbook that ADE was produced by System Software. I have now updated the relevant reviews pages. (Sorry it took me so long)
Chris of 8BS has suggested and allowed me to link directly to his TMU disc downloads. So the 8BS table on the Cover discs page has been updated with links to the zips hosted on 8BS (Thanks Chris)
Added more TMU tapes to Cover Tapes menu from The Stairway To Hell archive
Just discovered that the Reviews menu links were broken, did nobody notice this? Fixed now anyway.
Cover discs & tapes menu has been changed and updated. Hope the new look is useful.
Added some new links to the Links page.
Added reviews from July 1984 to Reviews menus.
Added contents of July 1984 issue to menus.
Added 2 new menus for Disc & Comms articles.
Rebuilt Body Building Directory to put files in sub-directories.
Added Review for Watford Video Digitiser requested by Jeremy C B Nicoll
Added contents of June 1984 issue to menus and added some articles from the same issue..
Removed Graphic demonstartions from Features menu, if you are looking for these look in Graphics menu.
Added a cross reference to Indexes page to match volume/Issue to Year/Month
Added image scan to header on News, Problems Page & Micro Mail menus.
Changed News & Micro Mail menus to include table selection instead of long list.

Added some articles from May 1984 issue.
Request for Help:
The listings are taking too long to type in and will not reliably go through my OCR software.
Are there any volunteers who can either type them in or OCR them for me?
Even if you do not want to do the large listings some help with the smaller ones would be great.
If you can help please get in contact with me.
I can supply scans of listings in TIFF for OCR or JPEG for typing.

Added contents of May 1984 magazine to menus.
Added Competitions & Education menu links to index.
Split up Series Menu into seperate series to make it easier to naviagate and linked Programming Series to New Series menus.
Added some new links.
The latest articles have been added as people have asked about them via e-mail.
If you wish to request an article that you see in the indexes then please e-mail me.
Set of 5 Teletext articles added from May 1987. Preetam Heeramun asked about these.
Added Gallery 2 from May 1987. Peter Clifton enquired about them, they are his pictures.
Sorry it has been a bit since the last update.
I have been working on indexing some issues and carrying out some requested work that I received by email.
Oops. I also noticed I had not put the links to articles in the April 1984 issue so they are now there.
Also all images should now be working as 8bs is back up and running again.
Please note: The site is now hosted on Tiscali webspace.
The email address is the same as I changed that some time ago.
I have been testing the Tiscali webspace for a few months to see how reliable it was and it has proved to be good.
I am sorry I have had to move it again but I am now able to expand the site again. I now have 50meg for now.
I was running out of space on Freeserve but I may use some of the old web space for part of the site in the future.
I have now carried out OCR work on most of April 1984 issue.
Added more details to section menus. Now tells you briefly what the articles are.
Fixed a few minor errors I found while updating.
Finished off the March 1984 work, Year Of The Disc Feature : 7 articles on disc drive use.
I have now carried out OCR work on most of March 1984 issue.
Correct the content of Adventure page for 01-12.
I have now carried out OCR work on most of February 1984 issue.
And A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all.
I have now carried out OCR work on most of January 1984 issue. Do you like the articles and layout?
Also brought extra menus up to date with all articles. Please let me know what you think of the new menu system.
Fixed a few broken links that I found after the last update.
New e-mail address as the madasifish one was unreliable.
I have now carried out OCR work on most of December 1983 issue.
Also added more menus to assist in arranging the articles.
I have now started to scan and OCR reviews from the magazines. More reviews to come soon.
Started Book Reviews, Educational Reviews, Games Reviews, Hardware Reviews, Rom Reviews & Utility Reviews.
I am fed up with the unreliable madasafish service so I have moved the site to freeserve web space.
The new address is please update any bookmarks or links you may have.
By the way does anybody know of any free web space providers which offer a reasonable amount of free web space. If I am to add a reasonable amount of TMU content I am going to require more web space. Contact Me.
I have now updated all index pages to link to the images on 8BS web space.
I have fixed the index page for January 1989 which had duplicated content from December 1988.
Added indexes for March 1989, April 1989, May 1989, June 1989, July 1989 & August 1989
A big thank you to Chris Richardson for use of his web space.
All cover scans are now hosted on Chris Richardson's excellent 8-bit software web site.
This has now given me plenty of space to expand this website with more content.
This web site is still on madasafish and all scans are still viewable as before from this site.
Added indexes for March 1988, April 1988, May 1988, June 1988, July 1988, August 1988, September 1988, October 1988, November 1988, December 1988, January 1989 & February 1989
Still having some problems with Madasafish, e-mail is down again and site keeps going on and off line and they have cut the web space down to 10Mb.
I have bought a new OCR package and so should now be able to get some articles up soon.
Added indexes for March 1987, April 1987, May 1987, June 1987, July 1987, August 1987, September 1987, October 1987, November 1987, December 1987, January 1988 & February 1988
I am sorry there have been no updates for such a long time. I have been unable to access my madasafish account through ftp for well over a month now. I have also found out that they have now cut my web space to 10Meg and changed my e-mail address so please note the new e-mail address. Thank you for your patience.
Added indexes for September 1986, October 1986, November 1986, December 1986, January 1987 & February 1987
Thank you to the one person who filled in the Survey on 29/07/2001.
Please could other people fill in the Mini Survey or E-mail me, this helps me know what you want to see on this site.
Added indexes for March 1986, April 1986, May 1986, June 1986, July 1986 & August 1986

Added indexes for December 1985, January 1986 & February 1986
Added Short Survey (Please fill it in) and removed honest counter.

Added indexes for June 1985, July 1985, August 1985, September 1985, October 1985 & November 1985
Added indexes for February 1985, March 1985, April 1985 & May 1985

Checked and corrected spelling on most pages, updated index page where I forgot to put the new links.
Added indexes for December 1984 & January 1985


Thank you for your patience I am now back on the computer and adding more information to the site.
Added indexes for September 1984, October 1984 & November 1984

NOTE: 12/05/2001
I am sorry but there will be no further work done on this web site for a fortnight, I am getting married later today and should probably not be doing this now but I will be away for a week on honeymoon and then when I return there will be very little spare time as my wife moves in. Please be patient and I will get more stuff up here after my break. Thank You.
For now there are some new indexes I have just added, see below.

Added indexes for March 1984, April 1984, May 1984, June 1984, July 1984 & August 1984

Added links to rest of cover scans and links to index for Jan 1984 & Feb 1984 issues on index page.

Added Software and Hardware Reviews to Dec 1983 issue.
Added Cover scans for All issues, index for Jan 1984 & Feb 1984 issues.
Swapped search feature for Guestbook as search did not work correctly yet.

Added details of issues that I do not have, found details in back issues section of later issues.
Added this 'New' page.
New index page & Dec 1983 issue index added
Uploaded first version of website
Started scaning in front covers of magazines & signed up to Bravenet for counter.
Started design of web site.
Found most of my magazines and started to sort them into order.
Signed up to Madasafish to use as host for web site.

Had the idea to start a The Micro User magazine web site.