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Feeling a bit peckish?

SNAPPER is an attractive and incredibly frustrating version of Pacman. You have to guide a cute little yellow Snapper (complete with green hat) through the maze, gobbling dots and juicy looking cherries, strawberries and other fruits as you go.

The creatures who lurk in the cave In the centre of the maze are unfortunately trying to gobble you and. if they don't manage to corner you between them, one look at their enormous bulging eyes may well scare you rigid anyway.

Just so as not to make it too one-sided, if you eat any of the four flashing dots in the corners, you get 10 seconds in which to get your own back, and earn some bonus points as well, while the creatures are temporarily harmless.

When all the dots are eaten you tackle a new screenful. The game gets progressively faster and the value of the fruit also increases.

If you can make it to 15,000 points you earn another Snapper, and if you can get through 12 screenfuls you may get a glimpse of the ultimate prize - the Acorn.

You can play Snapper with the keyboard or with joysticks and both are good, with perhaps the joystick giving you the nearest feeling to the arcade versions.

A high-score table is included and the accompanying sound effects ire very authentic.

Altogether, Snapper is one of the best versions of the game that I've seen. It's relatively easy to pick up the controls and to get fairly proficient at dot gobbling - but it's almost impossible to win.

Jane Jackson