'Men In Skirts'
London: Victoria and Albert Museum, February to May 2002

'Bravehearts: Men in Skirts'
New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nov 2003 to Feb 2004

A selection from the 60 outfits on display in London.

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Click to see: Skirt by Hobbs (photograph) -- w01043b.jpg   Click to see: Introductory panel -- w02022c.jpg   Click to see: Informal Kilt, 21st Century Kilts -- w03014b.jpg   Click to see: Informal Kilt, 21st Century Kilts (label) -- w04013b.jpg   Click to see: Camouflage Kilt, 21st Century Kilts -- w05005b.jpg   Click to see: Camouflage Kilt and Utilikilt (labels) -- w06007b.jpg   Click to see: Workman's Utilikilt, Utilikilts -- w07004a.jpg   Click to see: Deconstructed Kilt, Dries van Noten -- w08008b.jpg   Click to see: Deconstructed Kilt, Dries van Noten (label) -- w09009b.jpg   Click to see: Street Kilt, Uth -- w10012b.jpg   Click to see: Street Kilt and Millennium Kilt (labels) -- w11011b.jpg   Click to see: Millennium Kilt, Jilli Blackwood -- w12002b.jpg   Click to see: 'Deconstructed Kilt' Jean Paul Gaultier Junior -- w13003a.jpg   Click to see: Urban Sarong, Philippe Dubuc -- w14020a.jpg   Click to see: Urban Sarong, Philippe Dubuc (label) -- w15019b.jpg   Click to see: Shirt and Sarong, Paul Smith; Sarong Suit, Carlo Pignatelli -- w16017a.jpg   Click to see: Shirt and Sarong, Sarong Suit (labels) -- w17018b.jpg   Click to see: Skirt Suits; Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto -- w18025a.jpg   Click to see: Skirt Suits; Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto (labels) -- w19026b.jpg   Click to see: Jean Paul Gaultier on skirts for men -- w20036c.jpg   Click to see: 3 Skirt Outfits, Vivienne Westwood -- w21037a.jpg   Click to see: Deconstructed Kilt, Vivienne Westwood -- w22032a.jpg   Click to see: Beaded Kilt, Vivienne Westwood -- w23034a.jpg   Click to see: Leather Fetish Kilt, Clone Zone -- w24021a.jpg   Click to see: Futuristic Styles, Rudi Gernreich -- w25024b.jpg   Click to see: Petticoat Breeches, France 1660-1670 -- w26015b.jpg   Click to see: Petticoat Breeches, France 1660-1670 (label) -- w27016b.jpg   Click to see: Tunics/Gowns, 14th and 15th Centuries -- w28040b.jpg  

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Bravehearts: Men In Skirts by Andrew Bolton.
Andrew curated the V&A and Met exhibitions and his book develops the subject, taking a much broader view than was possible in the exhibition. To quote the V & A:

Men in Skirts dispels the myth that the skirt is an exclusively female garment. It looks at outfits inspired by togas, frock coats, dhotis, sarongs and caftans, all items traditionally worn by men.

This lively, ground breaking book celebrates the designers who have established the skirt as a form of male attire. From Jean Paul Gaultier, Dries Van Noten and Yohji Yamamoto to Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Yves Saint Laurent, these designers have set out to prove that the skirt can be a stylish and practical alternative to trousers.

The photographs and illustrations reveal a fascinating array of outfits put together in a way that enhances the masculinity of the wearer. Alongside the fashion images are portraits of men who have led the way in legitimising the 'skirt for men', including pop icons David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Robbie Williams, film starts Ewan McGregor and Samuel L. Jackson and sports celebrity David Beckham.

This book comes at a time when men are casting off their suits and turning to more exciting forms of dress. It should be an inspiration to all forward thinking males.
The book is available from all good bookshops including Amazon US and Amazon UK, besides The Met Store and The V&A Shop.

144 pages; 150 colour photos; 340x193mm hardback.

UK              US