Has The Free Church Changed?

Below we print the text of a leaflet produced by the Committee on Church Extension and Testimony some years ago. We fear that the unashamed enthusiasm which was shown then for our Free Church testimony is not shared by all our ministers today. The old name of the Committee is interesting. Obviously in the past our testimony was not seen as a hindrance to church extension

The Free Church of Scotland stands for and teaches:
  1. The full inspiration of the Scriptures as the inerrant and infallible Word of God.
  2. The Fall of man and his consequent inability to all spiritual good.
  3. The resurrection of the dead and the coming again of Christ to judgment on the great Last Day.
  4. The vicarious sufferings of Christ on behalf of His people.
  5. The Divine sovereignty in the election and regeneration of God's people.
  6. The absolute necessity of regeneration in order to salvation.
  7. Salvation by faith - not of works.
  8. The absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit's operations to render the Gospel fruitful in the conversion and sanctification of God's people.
  9. The doctrine of final perseverance, or the impossibility of the final falling away of the child of God.
  10. The necessity of holiness of walk and conversation as an essential principle in the life of the believer.
  11. The Reformation principle that nothing be brought into the public worship of God save what is warranted in His Word.

The Free Church of Scotland protests against:
  1. The laxity of doctrine and life characteristic of modern religion.
  2. Unfaithfulness to the principles of the Scottish Reformation.
  3. Ritualism and un-Scriptural innovations in public worship.
  4. The abounding Sabbath desecration of our day.
  5. The modern neglect of the public worship of God.

A Church without a message is bankrupt. Most Churches to-day seem to be in a state of bankruptcy. The Free Church of Scotland, however, has a message, as the above amply testifies. She knows her message and she believes in it. It is the only message which God has ever acknowledged as His own, the Gospel message of redeeming grace. This was the message owned from on High in the best days Scotland ever saw, and this is the message which God will undoubtedly acknowledge again. In the full persuasion that a whole-hearted return to the old paths can alone secure the Divine favour for our beloved land we seek to propagate this our witness. To do so, however, we need the support and prayers of all lovers of the old Evangel and the unflinching loyalty of our own young people, upon whom the duty will soon fall of carrying on this testimony to generations yet to come. Will you, reader, be faithful to this trust? Above all, will you seek a personal interest in this Gospel?

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