carnivorous plants

Our collection is small at the moment but steadily growing!

The good old Venus Fly Trap was the first purchase — it was a tiny plant originally but is growing very well, in fact I may need to re-pot it next year.

Venus Fly Trap Venus Fly Trap Close Up

The next purchase was a Pitcher Plant, this one did not have a label and was a bargain as it was in poor condition. Once I got it home it trebled in size and I have since split it into four plants — the largest of which is shown here. I have let one of the smaller divisions flower. I believe it is Sarracenia purpurea or Sarracenia rubra, or maybe a hybrid of the two.

Sarracenia Sarracenia Sarracenia

I was delighted when I found this Nepthenes wisi to add to the collection. Again it was a very small and not too healthy plant when purchased early this year, but it has more than doubled in size already.

Nepenthes wisi Nepenthes wisi

The latest addition is this lovely Sarracenia leucophylla, which looks great with the sun shining through it.

Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia leucophylla

Last update December 2008