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Smallbones Ascendants Chart

Here is an overview of my Smallbones ancestors starting from my grandfather on my mothers side — Charles William Smallbones. Clicking on any of the names will take you to their individual pages, which give details of their life and immediate family. If your browser does not support this function please use the surnames page to navigate to the person of interest.

Smallbones Ascendant Chart Image Map Charles Smallbones Charles Smallbones Daisy Gallehawk Charles Smallbones Eliza Griffin George Gallehawk Caroline Bowman James Smallbones Jane Thomas Griffin Margaret Drake James Gallehawk Mary Parker Jasper Bowman Mary Springfield John Smallbones Mary Ludgrove unknown unknown James Griffin Mary Hopping George Drake Maria John Gallehawk Mary Shilling Thomas Parker Catherine Daniel Bowman Elizabeth unknown unknown

Last update December 2008