I support my living relatives' right to privacy!

Genealogy — Overview

These pages are a work in progress, I cannot verify all details are correct. I have tried to ensure that there are no details for the living, as I strongly believe in protecting my families right to privacy. If you feel I have added any information or media that is not suitable please email me and I will be sure to remove it. I started researching my family history in April 2005, gathering information from close relatives, old photographs and free-view sites on the internet. Recently I have begun to investigate the parish records available on microfiche at my local libraries. I also have trees on GenesReunited.co.uk and Ancestry.co.uk, although they are not kept as up to date as these pages, they provide another contact point for distant relatives. I fully support FreeBMD, FreeCEN and FreeREG and urge others to do so. I have been a transcriber, and am currently a checker, for the Hampshire FreeCEN project.

My grandparents (John, Batt, Vass and Smallbones) are the starting point of my research and my main aim has been to trace their ancestors as far back in time as I can. Along the way I have tried to locate all of their siblings and have sometimes managed to find more detail about them and their families too. The surname page, sorted alphabetically, lists all the people I have come across in my research, along with their birth dates, to provide a quick reference and navigation point. For those people that I have researched extensively I have individual pages detailing their life and family; with citations and photographs where available. More of these will be added as my research progresses.

If you think you may be related in some way, or have noticed something is missing, or would just like to discuss genealogy, then please contact me.

Last update December 2008