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Rastrick, a name the Vikings gave to the high-ground which they settled, a long-boats pull above a much older river based village established by the Celtic tribe of the Brigantes. There are remains of a Roman fort at Castle Hill, just below "Top o' Town" (Parish Church area). Today RASTRICK is within Calderdale, named after the river Calder which gave the Celts their base and the Vikings their access. When properly conjoined with its sister, Brighouse the two are known throughout the world because of the great success of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. Today these sisters have even more to offer.

The area is a main gateway to the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, a unitary local authority of 145,000 electors and 185,000 residents. Calderdale's primary access to the rest of the Country is from junction 25 on the M62. Calderdale has more to offer than simply being the base of the well known and formerly the world's largest Building Society. Just some of today's delights include its rugged, stone-wall bounded landscapes, friendly people with typical Yorkshire common sense and warm hearts. Brighouse Town Centre boasts three wonderful, flat shopping streets. We are happy to enjoy a vibrant community spirit with hard working and dedicated residents.

Paul ROGAN served as Rastrick Ward Councillor from 2003 until 2010


Paul Rogan, during his terms of office as a Rastrick Councillor, energetically & enthusiastically put Rastrick First. He was last elected in May 2006 to represent the views of Rastrick residents to Calderdale Council, and NOT to represent a Party dogma or the ruling Cabinet's opinions to Rastrick's people. He did not contest his ward seat when it came up for election in May 2010 but stood as a Parliamentary candidate in the Calder Valley constituency campaigning for an English Parliament, an end to political correctness and to establish fair and better democracy in our country. 

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