Rastrick Ward

At the Local 06 Elections, Councillor Paul Rogan was returned by voters in Rastrick Ward with the biggest majority of any candidate in Calderdale and the only candidate to be endorsed by over 50% of votes cast. To ensure that all Election Pledges are properly fulfilled, the following Ward Initiatives were established and will run and evolve over the four years of elected office.

The Pledges:-

  • Continue to eliminate 'grot spots' in Rastrick ward

  • Work with the Police to reduce crime and youth nuisance even more

  • Work to provide more community facilities for the people of Rastrick

  • Press for capital investments for our area

  • Campaign to change the Planning system to make it more accountable to local views and needs

  • The Partnership Initiatives:-

    Rastrick Pride

  • Helping to keep our environment cleaner, tidier and better place for all to live. <more>

  • Safer Rastrick

  • Supporting all groups and agencies to reduce crime, making Rastrick a safer place to live. <more>

  • Sport Rastrick

  • To support existing groups providing community facilities, like sports and leisure activities, which help to keep residents healthy and active and so improve the quality of life for Rastrick residents. 

  • Focusing especially on NEW provision and facilities for younger people. The substantial project is to help provide a new Community Sports Facility based at Rastrick High School, but there are others. For example, skateboard park, all abilities playground, school MUGAs    <more>

  • Rastrick Forward

  • Working, lobbying and supporting the wider area needs through Brighouse Forward. <more>

  • Rastrick Voice

  • To help empower local people to ensure their voices are heard and their views are listened to.

  • To be an advocate for Rastrick Ward and promote the needs of residents and support community spirit. Recently many Planning issues have caused local residents great concern. The planning system appears to favour 'Profit' rather than 'People'. This needs to be changed.        <more>


    Councillor Paul ROGAN, June 2006. paul@rastrick.org.uk Tel. 01422 370 849