Poems by Members - page 4

Two Haikus

Be still in the void
Find energy in black holes
Transform it to light.

Listen between words
Spaces reveal unspoken
Thoughts, deep-seated truth.

Anne Chisholm

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Only Memories Remain

The routine we faced day by day
Set out our lives in an ordered way,
From when we rose at break of dawn
Until late at night, when with a yawn

Once more to be found in a warm bed
With soft silk pillows to lay at our head.
To slowly drift into a tranquil deep sleep,
Where in occasionally dreams would creep.

Mutual body warmth was a sure safeguard
To prevent sudden waking, then it's hard
To return once more to slumbers deep,
Instead bed covers tossed in an untidy heap.

Yet when this cushion's no longer there,
A situation you find so very hard to bear,
Tears flow freely at such moments of doubt
When you reflect on how things turned out.

Alas, time can never, ever be turned back.
Sands of time must slowly heal the crack
That fractured your well-organised life,
Replaced by sadness and ongoing strife

As you dissect your life in search of hope.
Expunge any lasting guilt so you can cope
With the trauma of being sadly left alone,
All that remains, memories you have known.

Ron Wheelhouse

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Flamenco Dancer Dancing

 For Jenny

Strike up and strum,
beat the antique drum;
fuse cultures, crescent shedding
light on cross
dressing down
topsy-turvy rhythmic enhance
the festive colours of gyrating belly dance
in market place of music
trading partners enthus-
iastic orgiastic navel display –
Midsummer Night’s Dream to crown the doting day,
Radio Tarifa blending wordless breaths
of Moor and Spaniard to the death
of all hostility, song, sex and trance
crusading for the cause of measureless dance.

Richard Taylor, 16.2.03

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