Some TPS History

The Early Days

Toddington Poetry Society, Alan Harris' brainchild,sowandpigs was conceived in 1977 and the first official committee meeting took place on a winter's night in The Sow and Pigs, Toddington. At that meeting, the draft constitution was studied and debated, methods of publicity were put in motion and contact was planned with a range of bodies concerned with promoting poetry.

Soon, poetry sessions were in full swing in 'the room upstairs'. The month-to-month running of the Society seemed to be a personal mission for Alan Harris; his organisation was nearly always fully effective and from the outset most of the meetings were well attended.

Since Then

It is an extraordinary achievement that Alan's creation of Toddington Poetry Society has successfully survived, despite ups and downs, into its third decade.

TPS has hosted almost every major poet in the U.K., thanks to support from East England Arts, Bedfordshire County Council, Luton Borough Council and Awards for All.

At informal theme evenings, anyone may read their own poems, or those by other poets. The variation is enjoyable, from Pam Ayres to Keats, and nobody knows what's coming.

Our other activities include outings, workshops, close reading sessions, competitions, exhibitions and publication of a book (called Eureka!) to celebrate our 25th anniversary.