A Special Tribute to my friends very Special Cats


This page is in memory of some very special cats. It was with great sadness that I learnt of the very sad news, from my friends, of not one but two very special cats crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge, within a week of each other.

Imperial Grand Premier Episcopuss Ianthe

25th July 1994 - 10th July 2008

Lady Christine Campbell

This beautiful Lilac Tortie was owned and bred By Dr Tommy and Diana Bishop

I could hardly believe the news, it is only a couple of months since this wonderful cat was Best in Show at The Tonkinese Cat show.

I recall a recent show, when a visitor to a cat show stopped to talk to Diana, when she saw Ianthe, she explained to Diana that her beautiful eyes and expression had caught her attention

But this was so typical of Ianthe, she had that special way of looking at people.

Ianthe will be sadly missed not only by her fur and human family, but by many people who knew her.

She will be especially remembered for the great ambassador of our bred, that she was.

Rest sweetly, my darling, you have touched so many hearts.

Romantica Rodrigo Redsun

1st September 1993 - 17th July 2008

This beautiful Red boy was owned and bred By Rosemary Harper

He was the older brother of our own dear Remus

Rodrigo spent the first half of his life being a stud cat, he is in the back ground of some very well known cats, for the last ten years he has remained a much loved lap cat, his owners Mike and Rosemary are devastated, he has left a very large void within their hearts.

He has now joined his twin brother Rousseau (Solomon)

Rest sweetly, my darling, knowing that you have left a lasting legacy, that will continue.

Grand Champion Tonkitu Flynn:

14:11:199921: 04:2011. (74d)

Sire: Tonkaholics Sundance (74dqv) Dam: Tonkitu Wong Mei (74d).

Fred to his friends was a very special cat , bred and owned by Doreen Burke. For Doreen there will never be another cat like Fred, he was very special to her with his very gentle nature. Flynn helped the breed, by being one of only 4 entire cats that were shown at preliminary, provisional, and Champion status and achieving a Grand Champion title. He also gained merits and intermediate certificates. It was whilst the breed was at this level in 2000, that Flynn was the only Tonkinese to achieve Best of Provisional Breeds and Supreme Provisional Breed Exhibit, the highest title an intermediate breed can gain. He was also the first entire male to gain Grand Champion in 2003


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