Born 9th October 2010, aged 4 weeks

Lady Christine Campbell

Bailey, out front, aged 4 weeks with his brothers and sisters.

Harley second left

Bailey aged 6 weeks, just before he came home, he is such a happy little dog

Bailey, he just loves sleeping on his back, with his brother Harley who was visiting for the day. Peace at last!!!!

Bailey, aged 16 weeks, he is the most affectionate puppy you could every wish to meet.

Bailey, is now 7 months, he is a big dog to look at, but still so much of a baby, if any thing frightens him he will jump straight up into you arms, which is getting very hard now that he is so heavy. Mollie and Bailey could have been litter mates they are so happy together. and will play for hours

Bailey, on his first birthday, we love him to bits, however he can still be a wee bit naughty at times

January 2014, Bailey has now been castrated.

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