Blessyou Winter Song


Born 3rd December 2010

Mollie, aged eight weeks, first day home, and already relaxed with other dogs and cats, enough to be busy chewing

Mollie, aged eight weeks, asleep, with her tongue sticking out

07:02:11; Mollie, aged eight weeks, whilst Ellie gives her an all over wash, I have never come across a breed of dogs/cats that get on so well with each other so quickly.

07:02:11; Mollie, aged eight weeks, Ellie has given Mollie hair on top a brushed over style. Today she went to see our wonderful vet Mark, who gave her a thorough MOT

Mollie, aged 6 months, trouble on four legs, but we love her dearly, she chews every thing in sight, the garden is littered with toys that are constantly being taken out of their toy box into the garden. But the most amazing thing is how well all the cats interact with her, either they are dogs or she is a cat. Unlike most cavaliers she adores water. Her daily run consists of three fields which follow a brook and she is the first to jump in at the deep end. When she is on the grass, she does not run, but resembles a deer jumping through long grass.

Mollie, taken on Bailey's birthday. She is the most sweetest natured dog you could ever wish for, she loves to play with the cats and kittens. A firm favourite with Puddie. This little dog is a real treasure and I cannot thank her breeder enough for the work that they must have put in, to make her the dog she is today. Her one downfall, is her ability to chew anything that is wooden or made of paper in site. Hopefully she will grow out of this puppy habit

02:03:14. Aged just over three years Mollie gave birth to 5 beautiful puppy's.

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