Lady Christine Campbell

This little dog, was very popular during the reign of King Charles the second, when many portraits were painted with several of these dogs at the families feet. (1660's) They became popular again in the 1930's and remained so until the 1950's

They can be found in four distinct colours, Ruby, Black and tan,  tri-colour which is white black and tan and the Blenheim, which is white with a rich chestnut colour.

The Cavalier can be distinguished, to the King Charles, by its longer nose.

They belong to the toy section, although largest of the toy breeds and the most popular of the spaniels, however there is nothing toy about these wonderful little dogs. They have an abundance of energy and love to give. Their sweet nature makes them ideal all round pets, show and gun dogs. However they do not like rain, but see them in a field of snow and they will be extremely funny , rolling and dancing in the feathery flakes of the snow.

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