Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Superstar

12 weeks old

Lady Christine Campbell


Chocolate Tabby

Born on June 18th 2006.

4 months old and a little imp!

Lady Christine Campbell

Our beautiful Indie made her debut, at the Tonkinese Breed Club, with a bang. Not content with receiving a Best in Breed, she went on to be best in show kitten at just 4 months of age. She was such a wonderful little girl, so relaxed at this her first show, totally different from the little demon she is at home. However she is now nearly six years old and since she was neutered she has become a very loving little minx!

Lady Christine Campbell

Kathy Wilkinson

Nikita is over the moon, her kitten became Best in Show kitten at the Tonkinese Breed Club aged just 4 months.

Lady Christine Campbell

Seven months old and still doing well on the show bench, she won best foreign exhibit at the Southern Counties

Robert Fox

Aged 8 months

We are very proud of 'Indie' at the tender age of 10 months 1 week, she was made up to Champion in three straight shows.

She had her first litter of kittens in July 2007, aged thirteen months we do not generally mate our cats for the first time until they are about eighteen months old, but so far all of the cats we have breed from this line have had a pyometra before having a litter of kittens or at the worse an emergency hysterectomy to save their lives. Her second litter were born July 2008.

Indie has produced some stunning kittens, Tonkaholics Amun Ra, Tonkaholics Cassiopeia, Tonkaholics Handsome Devil, Champion Tonkaholics Mimi Laminx, Tonkaholics Milomagnifiko, Tonkaholics Osiris, Grand Premier Tonkaholics Shant Telle and Tonkaholics Sidrophel

Thank you, Julia Craig-McFeely, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Tonkinese Breed Club show, on 29:10:11

(Tabby Neuter 1st) Lovely to see a chocolate Tabby, one of my favourite colours, Nice ears of good shape and set which looked pointy thanks to some tiny typical tabby tufts on the tips; rounded head, well balanced between width and length; Green eyes of good set, a little straight on the upper lid; good depth of chin and slight dip in profile; good bite; Nicely defined chocolate tabby pattern on a short, tight, soft coat; long thin tail; good body weight and correct build, with nice legs and small oval paws; a bit grumpy by the time I got to her, and didn't want to stand up to show off her leg stripes, but a good example of the pattern and breed, and very well presented.

Thank you, Steve Morris, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Tonkinese Breed Club show, on 29:10:11

(Grand Premier 1st) Lovely chocolate Tabby pointed female neuter of very good type. Moderate wedge head of good proportions. Ears of good size and set. Good profile, muzzle has a pinch. Chin firm, bite level. Eyes of good shape and colour with good coloured eyes. Graceful neck carried on a firm muscular body. Elegant legs and feet. Warm chocolate tabby markings throughout. The coat has even ticking gradually along the back and a well ringed tail. Delightful nature in good condition and well presented.

Thank you, Maria Chapman-beer, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Bucks, Oxen and Berks Cat Society show, on 17:09:11

(Tonkinese Neuter 1st & PC) A very nice girl, very close for BOB. Slight rounding to top of head with large ears of good shape and set, good thumbprints to backs. Large greeny blue eyes of good shape and set and expression. Whisker pinch to muzzle, slight nose break to profile with level chin. A weighty girl, well boned body, slim legs and oval paws. Beautifully ticked short coat of very good texture, showing tabby markings, with a very good shine. Tail  is well marked, would ideally like a little thicker and longer. A little spirited, but handled and was able to judge her fully. In fine condition.

Thank you, Jon Trotter, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Kensington Cat Club show, on 30:07:11

(AV Radius Neuter 1st) A very attractive chocolate Tabby Tonkinese beginning to look just a little matronly now. A good head overall with typical balance or inverted equilateral triangle. The ears carried the lines of the head well. The dip in profile was marginally into a slight break but the balance was good and the chin was of good depth. The eyes were typical were of good size and almost almond- shaped and set well apart. Green and blue colour was observed in the eyes. The body was medium long and firm and as mentioned earlier a little matronly now. The chest was slightly rounded. The legs were slender and well muscled, the feet were oval. The tail  was tapered nicely and was of medium length. She was typically tonkinese patterning with slight darkening to the points which merged well with the body colour. The coat itself was excellent for texture, length and it lay well. A wriggly girl who was happier inside her pen. Shown and presented well.

Thank you, Ronnie Brooks, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Kensington Cat Club show, on 30:07:11

(Open 1st PC) Delightful female I was really taken with, very pretty head with gently domed top between well set ears, pleasing ear shape being tall, wide based with slight forward tilt. Lovely balanced tonkinese wedge with width to the hinge, expressive almond shaped aqua eyes. Good muzzle being broad and deep with well defined whisker pinch, slight profile break and firm chin. Toned athletic body in excellent condition with elegant muscular limbs and neat oval feet, good tail for shape and length. Silky close glossy coat with gentle tabby markings to the points and ticked tabby patterning to the body. A real poppet.

Thank you, Susan Luxford-Watts, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Tonkinese Cat Club show on 28:05:11

Open 1st PC & BOB. Chocolate tabby girl with a good moderately proportioned wedge head and good width between her ears which are well set, medium in size and broad based. Large expressive eyes of greeny blue which are well set. Profile shows a slight nose break and a bump on her nose. Level bite and firm chin. Medium size well fed muscular body. Well muscled slightly heavy legs and oval paws. Medium length tapering tail. Short close lying coat showing evidence of quite recent spaying. Dark but warm chocolate tabby markings showing darker markings on her points. In excellent condition

Thank you, Maria Chapman, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Tonkinese Cat Club show, on 28:05:11

Breeders female neuter 1st. female. A lovely girl, with spirit! Large ears of good shape and set with good width between, gentle rounding to top of head. Large greeny blue colour eyes of good shape and expression. Profile shows a slight nose break with level chin of medium depth, whisker pinch to muzzle of good length, balanced wedge. Lovely weight and feel to slim, muscular but elegant body, slim legs and oval paws. Short, fine coat of very good texture and lies well, showing excellent well defined ticking, tabby markings on legs and tail. Tail of good shape and length. Loved her. I believe I judged this girl as a kitten on looking at her name, she has grown into a beautiful cat, although she did have a lot to say to us

Thank you, Sue Amor, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at The Tonkinese Cat Club show, on 28:05:11

Brown or chocolate neuter, including torties and tabby's 2nd. Another super cat shown in lovely condition. A medium size, muscular body that complemented the gentle contours of her head. A close lying chocolate ticked tabby coat with spotty undertones. The tones of the coat were darker on the points and the coat was close lying and sleek but there was evidence of a recent spay operation. Large expressive almond shaped eyes, displaying bluey green eye colour. Good width between the ears which were medium size, slightly taller than wide. Good profile showing a slight nose break leading to a level bite and firm, deep chin. Lovely elegant legs with neat rounded paws and a tapering tail of medium length. She showed herself brilliantly in the pen but was a little madam out of it.

Thank you, Linda Ashmore, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Supreme, on 17:11:07
1st Gr CC & BOB.

Overall Impression. A very striking exhibit.

Head (incl. eyes & ears) Nicely proportioned wedge with well set ears, fairly good muzzle, level bite, fair chin. Wonderful eyes.

Body (incl. legs & tail) Long well balanced body. Good weight for size. Long slender legs, neat oval paws. Good tail to balance.

Coat (incl. colour/pattern) Pleasing colouring and markings. Super coat texture, short close lying and silky.

General Remarks (incl. condition & temperament) A spirited  girl who coped very well with the 'Supreme' experience'

Thank you, Joyce Higgins, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at Essex, on 14:04:07

Breeders Adult 1st. Head rounded at top, medium sized ears, large greenish blue eyes, nose has slight break, wedge in proportion, good chin. Short close lying coat, warm chocolate tabby markings on body on beige ground, clear head markings, legs have broken stripes. Body medium length, slender legs, oval paws, tail tapers of medium length. In excellent condition, a lovely attractive very friendly young female

Thank you, Cilla Rowlands, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Surrey & Sussex, on 17:03:07

1st & BOB. What a poppet. Lovely head of moderate proportion and a gently rounded top. Has required slight break in nose and whisker pinch. Lovely eye shape and set and a greeny blue in colour. A well grown cat almost an adult. Super coat for length and texture with correct body markings. Clear M on forehead. Super temperament and condition. Handled well.

Thank you, Diana Harper, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Wessex, on 03:03:07

Breeders Kitten 1st. A large strong girl of very good overall type. She has a large moderate wedge head, very wide top and large well set tufted ears. Profile break, deep chin and level bite. Green eyes with just a tinge of blue. Large strong body, long legs and oval feet, long tail. Short fine good Chocolate Tabby coat. A lovely girl, well presented and in excellent condition

Thank you, Jean Gamble, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Croydon, on 10:02:07

1st & BOB. A Charming Tabby Tonkinese kitten of medium size & good type. Medium length head with gently rounded top between her medium sized ears, slightly pricked forward. Slight nose break on profile, definite whisker pinch & firm chin. Expressive greeny blue and almond shaped eyes. Firm medium length body with slender but well muscled legs & tapering tail. Close lying and short coat. Warm chocolate tabby pattern on a pale beige agouti ground, slightly darker toned on the points merging into paler tones on the body. Lovely temperament & well shown

Thank you, Maria Chapman , for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Southern Counties Cat show, 27:01:07.

Breeders Kitten 1st. Gently rounding to top of head with ears of good shape and size, showing thumb prints. Clear Tabby markings on head. Greeny tone to eyes with feint blue wash developing, of good shape, size and expression. Slight break to profile with level chin but could have more depth shoeing whisker pinch. Lovely weight and size to well developed elegant body, slim legs with Tabby markings, oval paws. Lovely texture to coat which is evenly ticked with warm chocolate colour. Tail is of good shape and length, with Tabby markings. A very nice girl with good temperament, aptly named.

Thank you, Sylvia Rose, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Southern Counties Cat show, 27:01:07

1st & BOB. A stylish kitten that I have enjoyed assessing before. Very stylish and with an elegant , balanced appearance. Definite foreign look to well grown body, heavy and with a firm muscled feel, slender legs, oval small feet, tail in proportion. Head just a little longer than wide showing the desired whisker pinch. Top of head just wide enough, showing minimal curving between large ears, oval tipped and facing forward. Widely placed, Large eyes, almond in shape, a green/blue showing yellow outer rim at present. Profile shows modest nose break on a nose rolling off just at the tip, firm chin with level bite. Super short and glossy close lying coat, warm milky chocolate with richer tone to the facial markings, M on forehead, whisker dots, pencilling on the cheeks and faint necklace. In the strong light of this hall, some pale body spotting apparent, leg markings and tail rings with a rich , warmer darker chocolate tail tip. An alert temperament that enjoyed being held up to have a good look around the hall.

Thank you, Marlene Buckeridge, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Southern Counties Cat show, 27:01:07.

Any Variety Foreign Kitten. (1st) An elegant Chocolate Tabby Tonkinese girl. Super size and weight. Eyes more green than blue which are large and oval. Large well set ears. Whisker pinch. Slight break to nose . Tuffs on ears. Beautiful short close lying coat. Clear Tabby M, leg bars, ringed tail. Long tapered tail. Friendly and easy going girl.

Thank you, Judith Steels, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Maidstone and Medway cat show, 16:12:06.

1st & BOB. Lovely expression. In profile top of head slightly rounded. Slight nose break and level chin of medium depth. Slight whisker pinch. Medium sized ears with good width at base and slightly pricked forward . Large wide set almond shaped eyes greeny blue in colour . Slender muscular body . Slender limbs with neat oval paws Tapering tail of medium length . Fine silky close lying coat a warm shade of chocolate merging to darker tabby markings on points. A well proportioned elegant girl with a super temperament.

Thank you, Jon Trotter, for the critique, you gave to Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Tonkinese Breed Club Show, 28:10:06.

1st & BOB. A lovely girl of super type overall and a worthy winner of the BOB today. She possessed a rather good top of head with good gentle rounding appropriate of a kitten. There was good space between the well set ears which had good width at the base and which set of the top of the head so well. The eyes were very appealing by being of good size and shape with typical setting giving and showing a slant to the upper lid. They were set in a green colour with a bluish rim at the outer edge. There was a typical medium nose break leading to a nose leather which dropped to a chin of pleasing depth. The body was typical feminine of a Tonkinese kitten of this age but also had very good muscle tone. The coat was of excellent texture being short and fine especially noteworthy for a kitten of this age. There was tabby markings on the head in deep chocolate and stripes on the legs and some faint spotting on the flanks. The undercoat of warm beige agouti ground had darker toning tabby markings on the points. The nose leather, eye rims and paw pads were of pinkish chocolate. This was a very stylish girl and one to watch. Well done to the breeders and exhibitors.

Thank you, Doreen Burke, for the critique, you gave on Tonkaholics Superstar, at the Tonkinese Breed Club Show, 28:10:06.

Under 6 months kitten. (1st) A wonderful kitten of very good type. Good muscular development. Very slight profile break. Mature silky and close lying coat well marked. Shows great promise

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