Our beautiful little girl, born the 4th July 2008, daughter of Toshiki Xtraspecial and Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Superstar

Aged nearly 4 months

of  Lady Christine Campbell

Aged 12 weeks

of  Lady Christine Campbell

of  Lady Christine Campbell

Mimi, aged 7 months, she is our naughty girl, but the most loving of the younger three, you cannot help to love her back, she craves attention from anybody who is with in her reach. She has her mothers habit of feeding and watering her toys before she brings them to you to play fetch. Yuk!

of  Lady Christine Campbell

Mimi, three weeks to go, before her first litter of kittens were born June 2009, relaxing in the sun, on the back of the settee

Mimi, had a brilliant day at the Tonkinese Cat Club 2011, she won a Grand Champion certificate and went onto become overall Best in show Adult, beating our beautiful Puddie.

of  Lady Christine Campbell

Aged nearly 9 years, sitting on top of the fish tank. A favourite resting place for all the cats, however Mimi likes it more than the others and looks funny when leaning over to watch, what I hope she does not think of her next meal.



Thank you Sue Amor, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Tonkinese Cat Club Show 28:05:2011.
(Adult with best eye colour 1st) A very nice blue girl of very good size and type. She had a glossy coat that showed the coat pattern well. She had large expressive almond shaped eyes with a bluey green colour.

Thank you Sarndra Devereux, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Tonkinese Cat Club Show 28:05:2011.
(1st & Grand CC Female) This girl for me really typifies the Tonkinese look!  Shapely, muscular body, well proportioned limbs, balancing tail. Very good shape to medium length wedge with slight whisker break, minimal dip to profile, level, firm chin, correct bite. Very well shaped and set green/blue eyes. Large, but shapely ears, well set when she finally stopped trying to rotate them. Short fine coat of soft blue to the body with a slightly darker tone of blue to the points. In an absolutely foul mood and very difficult to handle. Her fabulous looks brought her through today in this strong class.

Thank you John Hansson, for the critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Tonkinese Cat Club Show 28:05:2011.
(Considered for & Awarded BOB) Blue mature and very attractive if a little volatile ( mildly put) Beautiful toned firm body of medium length, with well balanced legs, oval paws, gently tapered medium length tail. Excellent head type has good whisker pinch to the gently rounded muzzle, slightly longer than wide, brow rounds gently, gentle profile break, firm chin, level bite. Medium sized ears with oval tips, set slightly forward, set equally as much on the side as on top, taller than wide. Wicked expressive, greeny blue eyes, full almond shape, very good larger size. Her coat was very sleek, short and close with the required lustre evident. Colour for a blue is very good & does possess the subtle gentle merge to the deeper tone of her points. Her condition was excellent, she was rather a vocal madam with more than her fair share of temper.

Thank you Jon Trotter, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the National Cat Club Show 11:12:2010, making her up to Champion.
(1st & CC) A lady of determination and well assured of herself. A good overall type leaning slightly to her Siamese ancestry being narrower in the head but with overall balance and with a slight dip in the profile. The  larger ears were well set on the head and typical for the Tonkinese carrying the outer edge of the head. The neck was of pleasing length and elegant in the way it carried the head. The body was slim but with good muscle tone and typically female. The eyes were of a really good size and shape in greeny blue. The coat was of a lovely texture and it was short and fine and lay well with such a lovely texture. She was not happy out of her pen and told us so!! Much happier in there!

Thank you Sarndra Devereux, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Tonkinese Breed  Club Show 30:10:2010.
(1st & CC) Well grown girl, of very good maturity, shapely body, proportionate limbs, balancing tail. Moderate wedge showing desired slight whisker pinch and slight dip to profile, level chin of good depth, correct bite, from what I could see!  Good shape to blue green eyes, well set. Very well shaped and set medium sized ears. Short, close lying coat of  pleasing texture, quite a flat shade of blue with points slightly darker. Not a happy girl today which really precluded her from the BOB.

Thank you Phil Cornish, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Tonkinese Breed  Club Show 30:10:2010.
(Best eye colour 1st) Blue Tonkinese female born 04/07/2008. A nicely balanced  girl, with  good moderate Tonkinese type, gently rounded top, good width between ears, moderate wedge, rounded muzzle pinched with a definite whisker break, good medium depth fairly firm chin, level bite, medium ears broad based with oval tips, taller than wide, pricked forward, good set equally balanced side to top, continues line of face, medium size, almond shaped, nice even green colour turquoise, greenish blue eyes, set fairly well apart, top slanting to nose, bottom rounded, medium to long well balanced body, rounded chest, level flanks, rising to rear, good slender limbs, high at rear, neat oval paws, medium tapered tail, medium length coat, soft and fine and silky, nice sheen, nice even matching dark bluish grey points, merging to lighter bluish grey body, body also lightens a lot to underparts, good  temperament, good clean and healthy condition.

Thank you Steve Morris, for this lovely critique, that you gave to Mimi, at the Bucks, oxen and Berks Cat Society Show 18:09:2010.

(1st & CC) Blue Tonkinese female of good type. Slightly long in the nose, ears of good size and set with good width between. Profile show a good break muzzle pinched chin firm level bite. Eyes of good shape and of a good bluey green colour. Elegant neck carried on a firm well muscled body. Elegant legs and feet.  Short close coat of good colour blue very good texture.  Tail of good length. Slightly shy in good condition and well presented.

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