A Loving Tribute To Our Tonkinese



Astaldo Valerie [Sophie] born 10:06:1992. It was in September 1992 that our lives changed forever. Sophie came into our lives, she was our first Tonkinese, the most beautiful creature we had ever seen. She became Jo's constant companion, she would recognise her car when she came up the road. But it was only fifteen months later, when our lives were devastated with the loss of Sophie. She had only been let out, for her toilet needs, for ten minutes, whilst the kettle was boiling and my bath was running. TEN minutes that's all it took, we can only assume, that she had been stolen, as we never found her little body. As I rewrite this my heart is still heavy. Sophie was so special.


Sasha Alan Robinson

Tonkaholics Taloola Moon, [Sasha], born 28:08:95, a Red Tonkinese. Sasha was very special to us, as she was our first born of our first litter. She was the daughter of Kizzy and Jasper and the mother of Tonkaholics Speckled Star.

Sasha, first as a kitten, then as a teenager, with her teddy. She took this teddy every where, she even gave it to her own kittens. But the sad thing is we have been unable to find this teddy since she went to the rainbow bridge. We would like to think she has it with her.

She gained 8 merits, of which her first one was at the National Cat Club Show 1995, aged just 14 weeks. She won the whiskers/Cats Assessment Cup in 1996. Sadly Sasha did not have a very long life, she was put to sleep in March 2000, to save her suffering any more pain.

Sasha was my cat and I still miss her very much and one day I will tell you about her.


Chardonnay, born 31:12:2001, laid to rest at the tender age of 18 months. 17:06:2003

Lady Christine Campbell

This was extremely hard to write about, Chardonnay was a beautiful cat and during the last nine months of her life, she had become a well adjusted cat. Having kittens had been the making of her, she gave every thing to them. When the kittens were 10 weeks old, she suddenly collapsed in the night and was gone by the time we found her in the morning. The awful thing being no cause could be found. We felt like given up breeding, and if it had not been that Tia and Mia were pregnant I think we would have called it a day.

Lady Christine Campbell

Chardonnay did very well on the show bench, this was taken at the Supreme 2002


15th May 2002 - 22nd May 2009

Lady Christine Campbell

1 week after your 7th birthday

It is with great sadness that I add our beautiful stud cat Fudge to this list.

No matter what! there will always be a very big gap in my heart for you.

You sired many wonderful kittens with looks and purr-fect temperaments

Rest sweetly little man


Lady Christine Campbell

Puddie, August 2003, aged 7 1/2

10th April 1996 - 22nd July 2009, aged just 13

Puddie, our very own gentle giant

What can I say other than we our all broken hearted at the loss of this very special gentleman

It was a privilege and an honour to have been part of this magnificent cats life.

He sired so many very well know cats and every one that knew him held him in such esteem.

Our lives are never going to be the same without you , rest sweetly my darling until we meet again


4th July 2004 - 5th August 2009

Alan Robinson

It is not even a month since Puddie sadly left us, and now one of Fudges daughters has tragically left us too.

She went out of my daughters back door, into her garden and over a 12 foot fence.

She some how managed to come home with a crushed spine and broken leg. The vet kindly laid her to rest to save her any more pain

Teagan was my youngest grand daughters cat, my heart is breaking for her

Please, please keep your Tonks in.


Lady Christine Campbell

3rd October 1996 - 28th September 2009

1 week away from her 13th Birthday

Kishka, truly died of a broken heart, the light went out of her eyes, the day her beloved companion went to the rainbow hill

Anybody who knows me, will tell you that I disliked dark Torties with a vengeance. I was unable to see the beauty, in a cat, that's coat was not symmetrical. Kishka changed my opinion, she was not just beautiful on the outside, but was a wonderfully good natured cat. Whilst Dusty was having her first litter of kittens. Kishka came to the rescue and showed her what to do. At the time Kishka was nursing her own litter of eight kittens, these were just two weeks old, every time she was needed she left her own kittens to attend to Dusty.

Kishka was the first Brown Tortie Tonkinese to get ten merits, she accumulated twelve merits and was runner up Whiskers/Our Cats Assessment Kitten in 1997, following in her mothers footsteps. A big step forward for the Torties and a great achievement for her.

Without Kishka there would never had been more Brown Torties in this household. she was a wonderful person and brought me the love I had for the Torties.

Like her mummy she had a beloved teddy, she was laid to rest with her teddy between her arms.

I hope she catches up with Puddie, the love of her life

Rest sweetly my princess.


Kia Alan Robinson

1998 - 20th February 2010

Jo's beautiful black oriental was sadly put to sleep, due to kidney failure.

Kia was my daughters soul cat, Always there for her when she was upset, a very quiet and gentle cat.

This has been a tremendous blow to our family, three generations of girls have each lost a very dear and much loved cat all with in a very short space of time


31st May 1994 - 19th May 2010

photo Lady Christine Campbell

Jasper, August 2003, aged 9 1/2

Just a couple of weeks away from his 16th birthday; Our beautiful red boy, without whom we would never have shown or breed Tonkinese.

Jasper was our very first stud cat and the foundation of one of our lines.

He was a very gentle quiet cat whose best friend is Minnie. I have always worried about this day and pray that Minnie does not follow him

He helped the breed in its progression to championship status, by gaining merits and intermediate certificates. Finally becoming a Premier at the ripe old age of nine and a half

You fell asleep peacefully and by doing this saved me from making that agonizing decision to have you put to sleep. Your poor old bones were becoming stiff from old age.

You will be remembered by all that loved you dearly

Tonkitu Tsunyi

19th July 1995 - 23rd November 2010

Minnie, August 2003, aged 8

photo Lady Christine Campbell

Minnie our beautiful red girl, one of our foundation queens, mother to GCCF Imperial Grand Champion & Grand Premier & TICA Double Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar.

The day came that I dreaded, you followed your best friend Jasper, as I feared you would do.

You were beginning to look old, however you fell asleep peacefully and never woke. I do believe you went not only to meet you best pal, Jasper, but to accompany Solomon, (who sadly lost his long fight to enjoy life to the full, last night) on that journey to a better world. Bless your heart you were always a gently loving cat and will be missed very much.


20th June 2002 - 3rd January 2011

photo Lady Christine Campbell


I cannot begin to tell you what an awful day this was, to lose her so unexpectedly, we lost quite a few of our old cats last year, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect Mia to be taken from us.

She had an acute attack of asthma, this only the second time, she had it, the first being at the Tonkinese Cat Club show last year, the vet thought then that it had started with a panic attack, we have no idea what triggered it of this time, I cannot imagine what life will be with out her

Her name meant 'the beautiful is coming' , she was such a beautiful cat, very quiet and unassuming. She was the daughter of Tonkaholics Speckled Star; Mia's fur was like satin, soft fine and silky, as all Tonkinese should be, but hers was exceptionally soft.

Not the way I wanted to start a new year


26th February 1999 - 19th December 2012

photo Lady Christine Campbell


Blue Tabby

Dusty is the beautiful blue tabby cat , that was on the Eukanuba tins, Christmas cards and calendar.

After all this time, since you were in such a bad state, of health, in a coma for a week, following the birth of your second litter of kittens, our hearts are broken to lose you.



22nd October 1999 - 9th June 2013

There is so much I could write about this wonderful girl, but at the moment my heart is too sore. 

Sophie, was the reason Tonkaholics was established and Sasha was our very first kitten, from our first litter.

In loving memory of Sophie, our first Tonkinese, The Tonkaholics Sophie Memorial Chalice, can be won, at the Tonkinese Breed Club Show, for Overall Best Chocolate

In loving memory of our beautiful Sasha, The Tonkaholics Taloola Moon Memorial Trophy can be won, for Best Adult Female, at the Tonkinese Cat Club Show

We love all our cats, but these  cats were very special to us, we will never forget them. They will remain locked within our hearts for ever.


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