Just because you travel, it does not mean you cannot have cats, Roger and Vickie, who have had three kittens from us, do just that. Ramses, Iset and Seti learnt to walk on a harness


The two back seats are put into the well of the car. The back seat is then covered and cat cushions and toys added The cats leases are fixed to the seat ring.

Under the  boot flap, a toilet pan and carrier  are kept

Iset especially loves traveling sitting on the boot flap, to the amusement of many other travelers. Iset especially is a great sun worshiper. Although she walks well on a lease, she is much happier being carried

Ramses [on left] and Iset settling down for a journey. 

Sadly since taking these photos in October 2003, Ramses who had been very ill, is no longer with us. Read his story. (Health problems in cats)

Seti now joins Iset on her journeys


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