Roll of Honour for Imperial Grand Champions

For all Qualifying Tonkinese.

   These cats  have gained  their 5th qualifying Imperial Grand Challenge Certificates.

These certificates were awarded under five different judges. A great achievement, for cats and owners.

Listed in order of Title

{This is only as correct as the information given to me}

GCCF Imperial Grand Champion & Grand Premier and TICA Double Grand Champion Alter Tonkaholics Istar

The first Tonkinese to obtain this Title.

Gained her title 31:03:07

Bred and owned by Christine & Jo Richards

Sire: Tonkaholics Arabian Knight

Dam: Tonkitu Tsunyi

Date of Birth: 22:10:99

 Imperial Grand Champion

Fecheldee Chailai Titaya

Gained her title 20:12:08

Bred by Vince & Coral Macey

Owned by Liz Edge

Sire: Episcopuss Leonidas

Dam: Fecheldee Dorrinda

Date of Birth: 29:05:02

Imperial Grand Champion Yokota Lucie Lockett

Bred  by Amanda Lachlan

owned by Rachel Millward

 Sire:  Ch Shinarha Elijah

Dam:  Ch Shinarha Truli Scrumptious

Date of Birth: 03:02:07


Imperial Grand Champion Tallica Mickey Blue Eyes

The first Male Tonkinese to obtain this Title.

Gained his title 27:04:13

Bred  Hazel Hunter

owned by Hazel Hunter

 Sire:  Suantre Maximus of Tallica

Dam: Tamtonks Catkinpatch

Date of Birth: 22:06:11

Lady Christine Campbell

Imperial Grand Champion Fecheldee Daisie May

Gained her Imperial  title 01:03:2014


Bred by Coral & Vince Macey

 Sire: Gr Ch Fecheldee Harry

Dam:  Champion & Premier Fecheldee Venus

Date of Birth: o1:12:2006


Imperial Grand Champion Amorcatz Jane Eyre

Gained her Imperial  title 11:04:2015


Bred by Sue Amor

 Sire: Amorcatz Bournville

Dam:  Amorcatz Nicoletkranjar

Date of Birth: 11:03:2011

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