Tonkinese Roll of Honour for Imperial Grand Premiers.

For all Qualifying Tonkinese.

   These cats  have gained  their 5th qualifying Imperial Grand Premier Certificates.

These certificates were awarded under five different judges. A great achievement, for cats and owners.

Listed in order of Title

{This is only as correct as the information given to me, I have been asked to remove some cats, if you would like yours removed too, please e-mail me}

Lady Christine Campbell

Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Shinarha Enola Gay

The first Tonkinese to obtain an Imperial Title. A huge achievement to her owner and breeder, gained her title 10th June 2006

Bred and owned by Karen Durden 

Sire: Episcopus Leonidas

Dam: Grimspound Shinarha

Date of Birth: 11:05:99

Lilac Tortie  (74j)

Lady Christine Campbell

Imperial Grand Premier Episcopuss Ianthe

Bred  and owned by Tommy & Diane Bishop 

Sire: Episcopus Caesar

Dam: Yanazen Donner

Date of Birth: 25:07:94

Lilac Tortie  (74j)

Gained her title 28th October 2006

Anatoli Krasavine & Valentina Koulagina

Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika

Bred  and owned by Christine & Joanne Richards

Sire: Gloanron Mozart

Dam: GCCF Imperial Grand Champion & Grand Premier and TICA Double Grand Champion Alter Tonkaholics Istar

Date of Birth: 18:08:01

Brown Tortie (74e)

Lady Christine Campbell

The first male Tonkinese to obtain an Imperial Title. A huge achievement to his owner. He had a wonderful day, A red card day. First in every class and received this beautiful  rosette, only one to be presented on the day, in memory of a wonderful lady. Jean Gamble. Gained his title 15th December 2007

Imperial Grand Premier Nimrod

owned by Kathy Wilkinson

Sire: Gr Ch Cachet Tabbeoca Tiptoes

Dam: Predator Minnie Themoocher

Date of Birth: 22:02:96

Chocolate Tabby (74bt)

Lady Christine Campbell  

Imperial Grand Premier Mymystic Pagansun

owned by Val Chapple

Sire: Angisan Fearless Bjorn

Dam: Gr Pr Mymystic Pagan

Date of Birth: 22:02:96

Brown (74)

Lady Christine Campbell

 Grand Champion  & Imperial Grand Premier Copernicus Cherryblossom

Gained her Imperial  title 20:12:2014


Bred by Michelle Davison-Kelly

 Sire: Tonkaholics Charlie Brown

Dam:  Ch Tintoretto Sugarand Spice

Date of Birth: 23:05:06


Ch & Imperial Grand Premier Lillyput Duchess Kate

Gained her Imperial  title 22:10:2016


Bred by

 Sire: Amorcatz Pharoahs Kiss

Dam:  Tallica Sweet Amber

Date of Birth: 31:05:12

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