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Lady Christine Campbell

1992, was the year our lives changed dramatically, Joanne became redundant, having always wanted, to own. a pedigree cat, she decided she would like a Siamese. At this point in our lives, both Jo and I were ignorant about where to buy a cat. Like so many other pet owners, we did not know that Cat Magazines, advertised kittens, via Breeders Directories, etc. We were also ignorant about GCCF recommendations, like so many new owners.

Tonkaholics Ying Yang and Chai Lai

Lady Christine Campbell

Whilst scanning a local newspaper, I noticed somebody was selling Tonkinese. After some discussion we decided to have a look at these Tonkinese

Lady Christine Campbell

We were hooked, Sophie was the most beautiful cat we had ever seen. She became Jo's constant companion, she would follow her everywhere. This was the first time that we had ever had a cat, who would actually sleep under the duvet, with her little head on the pillow. If Jo went out, Sophie would jump up and run to the door to greet her, the minute she heard Jo's car coming up the road.

Tonkaholics Fire Child

We had only had Sophie, for fifteen months when she disappeared, but she had given us so much love and happiness. We can only assume that she had been stolen as we never found her little body

Tonkaholics Rotchana, Seedaeng Sua and Sahm Somphon

Sophie had been gone for a couple of months, we had searched every where for her. We had advertised and made many telephone calls, but still our beautiful Sophie had not been found. We felt another kitten would never replace Sophie, but knew what we wanted was another Chocolate Tonkinese.

We were now aware of what to look for, when buying a pedigree cat and started to buy cat magazines.

If only the internet had been readily available back then!


We had a list of Tonkinese Breeders and the GCCF's recommendations for buying kittens

Tonkaholics Darcy, a Caramel Tabby, boy, aged 5 months

Lady Christine Campbell

But nobody had a Chocolate Tonkinese, let alone a kitten, we telephoned North South, East and West. We finally located a little Lilac Tortie girl, Jo was not really keen, but I said 'well lets go and look any way'

Our fate was sealed, a five hour journey brought us to our destiny. We were to adopt Kizzy in just over 2 weeks, but what was this little red thing, that would not keep out of my bag and kept nipping my feet.

Tonkaholics Tazmanian Devl

[A Cream kitten]

Remus had decided that we were to be his new parents. His breeder encouraged us to breed, saying that as he was unrelated to the little girl, they would make a good breeding pair. We took Jasper home that day and returned two weeks later, for our Kizzy.

Lady Christine Campbell

Toshiki Yanna [Tia] pictured here at 5 months.

We joined the Tonkinese Breed Club, where we met people. that were to become life long friends, we were offered encouragement and above all a wealth of information. We will never be able to repay these people, but remain very grateful for all the advice, offered, so readily in those early years.

Lady Christine Campbell

Tonkaholics Zircon Gem, A Brown Tonkinese, aged ten weeks

We applied for a GCCF Prefix, but this proved , to be, yet another difficulty. We submitted several lots of names, but only one had been allowed, which when I saw it in text, I was horrified, so we had to get our thinking caps on again.

I asked Jo, what she thought might describe our love of Tonkinese, she replied 'well we are like Holics'

'That's it' I was so excited.


Tonkaholics Arabian Knight

Lady Christine Campbell

January 1995, the GCCF granted us our Prefix, of Tonkaholics

August of that year our first litter of Tonkinese were born, of which my beautiful Sasha was the first born

We have now bred all the colours and patterns.

Soon after, our Prefix was granted, I was invited to join the Tonkinese Breed Club, Committee, I submitted my profile and was elected onto the committee in 1995

Since then my roles have included

Show support and Membership secretary of the Tonkinese Breed Club

Hon Secretary of the Tonkinese Cat Club


Secretary of the Tonkinese Breed Advisory Committee.


We still support the clubs and this wonderful breed, but work and family commitments means we are no longer on any of the committees.


We love all cats, but we must admit that we are real Tonkaholics.

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