In memory of some beautiful Tonkinese

This page is dedicated to my friends who have lost Tonkinese whom they were devoted too.

Thank you for loving them


Born 6th March 2002, lent to us, by God, until 5th December 2003

Thank you Vikki and Roger, for dedicating your lives, to Ramses, making sure his short life was lived to its full capacity, Thank you for loving him so much.

Vikki has written Ramses story, in the hope that it may help other people, when you read all about this courageous boy

For Ramses' story please click here


Born 17th June 1999, lent to us, by God, until 29th February 2008

Followed by her brother 5th June 2010 a week before his 11th birthday;

He will be laid to rest with his sister

Khiri developed an intestinal tumour in 2007, the tumour was removed, a biopsy of the tumour revealed that it was lymphoma. She courageously under went chemo, always the happy loving girl, that Sue and Gerry knew. Unfortunately the cancer returned this year, in her stomach. Sadly there was no more to be done and as she laid in Sue's arms she crossed over to the other side. To become a very special little angel. Another little soul that brought so much joy into this World to be sadly missed by her furry friends as well as her human family.


Born 13th May 2005, lent to us, by God, until 25th May 2008

This beautiful brown boy brought so much love to his family, but sadly due to a kidney tumour he has left a very huge void, for his family.


(Mr Spock)

How I remember him, he was such an imp.

Born 16th July 2001, lent to his family, by God, until 12th December 2009

How our hearts broke when we learnt about this beautiful cream pointed boy

Full younger brother to Khiri Khan and Ko Kut above.


Born 10th April 1996, lent to his family, by God, until 12th January 2010

"Severance from the wish for Life an easy task is ever;
But lose we friends who sweeten Life, the tie is hard to sever."

Full brother to our own gentle giant Puddie, who crossed to the other side last year, I have cried another hundred tears to known that these gentle boys have left us.

Premier Tonkaholics Solomon

18th June 2006 - 22nd November 2010

This beautiful Lilac boy was owned and loved by our dear friends Sharon and Cliff

He was a beautiful boy, who every one loved, even his vet used to ask Sharon's mum how was Solly when she visited with her dog.

He enjoyed life to the full, (I am sure a lot of this had to do with his devoted slaves Sharon and Cliff) we did not think he would make his 4th birthday, to look at him you would not realise just how ill he was. He will be missed by so many people

Tonkaholics Sam-I-Am

14:05:2008 -


Tonkaholics Tinkerbell


 14:06:2000 - 10:10:2012

Taken from her family so quickly


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