Making Sense of The Tonkinese Breed Numbers

From 2014 the GCCF, will be using new numbers, to describe our breed< which I have included here along side the old, to make sense of your pedigrees.


Most Breeds Start with Four Basic Colours

Tonkinese Breed Number 74

Adding t will make Tabby


Brown most dominant


TOS n 32 74t TOS n 21 32 Brown Tabby
Blue 74a TOS a 32 74at TOS a 21 32 Blue Tabby
Chocolate 74b TOS b 32 74bt TOS b 21 32 Chocolate Tabby
Lilac 74c TOS c 32 74ct TOS c 21 32 Lilac Tabby
Red 74d TOS d 32 74dt TOS d 21 32 Red Tabby
Cream 74f TOS e 32 74ft TOS e 21 32 Cream Tabby
Apricot 74n TOS em 32 74nt TOS em 21 32

Caramel Tabby

Caramel 74fn TOS m 32 74fnt TOS m 21 32 Apricot Tabby
However the Torties are slightly different as they do not follow normal alphabet rules
Brown Tortie 74e TOS f 32 74et TOS f 21 32 Brown Tortie Tabby
Blue Tortie 74g TOS g 32 74gt TOS g 21 32 Blue Tortie Tabby
Chocolate Tortie 74h TOS h 32 74ht TOS h 21 32 Chocolate Tortie Tabby
Lilac Tortie 74j TOS j 32 74jt TOS j 21 32 Lilac Tortie Tabby
Caramel Tortie 74p TOS km 32 74pt TOS p 21 32 Caramel Tortie Tabby

Now know as Tonkinese, Tonkinese colour restriction (TCR)


Note: Apricot, Cream and Reds cannot be Torties, as a Tortie is made up of half of a base colour and half of the Red gene. Torties are always girls.

All Tonkinese to Tonkinese mating's are Tonkinese, we are a unique breed in that we breed true to type, with three different coat patterns.

For Solid coats add qv to Colour. i.e. Brown = 74 add qv for solid coat 74qv/ Replace TOS n  32 with TOS n 31

Now know as Tonkinese, Burmese colour restriction (BCR)

For Pointed coats add v, i.e. Blue = 74 add v for pointed coat =74av/ Replace TOS n  32 with TOS n 33

Now know as Tonkinese Colourpointed pattern (CPP)

We hope this helps

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