Nine Weeks in the life of a pregnant cat

(or 65days)

This journey will take you through mating Grand Champion Isla Tanika to the birth of her kittens



{Day 1}

Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika has been mated with Tonkaholics Arabian Knight. Subsequent mating's, over a limited period of time help to release a hormone from the pituitary gland.  The hormone is needed for the final maturation of the ovarian follicles.

The spermatozoa  move up the cervix.


{Day 2}

Ovulation occurs by repeated acts of copulation.

{Ovulation is when the ovarian follicles release mature eggs.  It is the Queen whom determines how many kittens she has, the stud determines the sex of the kittens}


{Day 3}

Isla Tanika comes back indoors, she really does not like this cold spell we are having. Even though Puddy has a heated pad in his bed and a radiator, to keep his house warm. 

The spermatozoa have made their long journey into the oviducts


{Day 4}

Today fertilisation has occurred, will they be boys or will they be girls.


{Day 6}

The fertilised eggs will move down the oviducts and into the uterine horns

During the slow migration, an equal spacing of the eggs has occurred

The eggs have changed during this migration into what are called  blastocystes.

At the moment Isla Tanika, is still happy to roll onto her back for a tummy tickle, this will not last, she will become more and more protective of her abdomen, over the next couple of weeks. However it gave me the perfect opportunity  to take a photo of a nipple.


photo Lady Christine Campbell

Hopefully we will be able to get a photo in a couple of weeks of { a pinking up} 


{Day 9}

 Poor 'Kipper', she is a little apathetic at the moment, all she wants is to be cuddled by mummy or daddy. She is also off her food at the moment, so she was treated to some freshly boiled fish. She did eat a little of this today, but would much rather be cuddled thank you very much!


{Day 11}

The Blastocystes continue to divide and determine what each cell will become, i.e. muscular tissue or nervous tissue. They will continue to do this until they become embryos.

Whilst still dividing the blastocystes in bed themselves into the uterine wall.

Over the next two weeks the important organs will develop, i.e. the heart and brain.

To look at 'Kipper' she still looks no different.


{Day 12}

 'Kipper' is a lot happier today, she appears to be back to her normal self, playing and chasing with Tia. She has also eaten her normal amount of food

Over the next week the fur on her tummy will become much thinner, especially around her nipples.


{Day 19}

Well what a shock I got today, I was sitting with a friend, when I caught a glimpse of 'Kippers' nipples. Beautiful pink nipples, I was not expecting her to pink up for a few more days, will try to get photo later.


{Day 26}

Poor 'Kipper' was sick this morning. Yes some cats also suffer from morning sickness

Although we cannot see any physical difference in 'kipper' she appears to be getting heavier

The important organs, in the embryos should be developed now. The little embryos are about the size of a walnut now.


Half way Stage

{Day 33}

Well if it was not for the fact that 'Kippers' nipples are very nicely pink you would wonder if she was indeed having kittens. As promised here is a pregnant nipple.

photo Lady Christine Campbell

Notice how much larger the nipple is, with a very small amount of crusting top left of pink bit.

The fur on her tummy is very much thinner now and she is beginning to eat more.

The fetuses' are fully developed miniature cats now, about 25 -30 millimeters long.

We will soon start to notice her girth expanding, due to the fact that the kittens will now start to grow at an alarming rate.



photo's Lady Christine Campbell


Four weeks to go

{Day 37}

Today, we have just noticed a light bulge. Her sides feel very firm to the touch. 'Kipper' is a slender cat, so looking down from above we can see the slight increase.

photo Lady Christine Campbell


{Day 41}


Time has flown, delivery day is less than a month away. '

Kippers mammary glands have also started to enlarge and today I was able to get a photo showing this and how the nipples are now standing proud.

photo Lady Christine Campbell


{Day 43}

Although we cannot see any kitten movements at the moment 'Kipper' has started to do the very energetic tail swishing. {Can she feel the kittens}


{Day 55}

The hair surrounding the nipples has become much thinner now

This morning whilst Kipper was laying on my lap I felt a kitten movement

This evening whilst Kipper was laying in my arms I saw the kittens moving.

photo Lady Christine Campbell

Kipper is so happy, showing her tummy and paddling with her feet. This photo shows how the fur has disappeared from around her nipples.


{Day 62}

Kipper is 'nesting' although she is very happy with the commercial birthing box we have provided for her, she is looking in every nook and cranny.

she is very restless at times, wants lots of cuddles and does not like being left alone.

Her nipples have started to fill out, ready for her little ones.


{Day 64}

It looks like Kipper will have her kittens tonight

She is not very big , but one kitten is very active


{Day 65}

Kipper is not eating very much

Still no signs of her cervix opening up.


{Day 66}

Kipper does not seem like herself

We have had a show

Things progressed very rapidly, Kipper started to bleed, she looks very lethargic (Not what we were expecting)

Trip to the vet resulted in emergency caesarean and Kipper being neutered

Two very precious kittens, were delivered safely

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