Tonkinese Roll of Honour for Champions,

that have a pointed coat pattern

For all Qualifying Tonkinese.

   These cats have gained their third qualifying Challenge Certificates.

These certificates were awarded under three different judges. A great achievement, for cats and owners.

Listed in order of Title

{This is only as correct as the information given to me, I have been asked to remove some cats, if you would like yours removed too, please e-mail me}


Cats Information

Cats Name & Title


Lilac Tortie

TOS j 33



Date of Birth: 26:05:14 

Ch Lilyput Parma Violets

Champion Title gained 25:04:15

Blue Tortie

TOS g 33



Bred by Catherine Bernard

Sire: Imp Gr Ch Tallica Mickey Blue Eyes

Dam: Gr Ch Amorcatz Jane Eyre

Date of Birth: 19:10:13 

Ch Mimaperks Marsh Mallow

Champion Title gained 25:07:15


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