Champion Tarjjika Simply Red

Born  1st May 2013

Red (Brown based, carries blue)


Archie aged 6 weeks

of  Lady Christine Campbell


17th August, Archie is now home and settled in well, a beautiful well adjusted big kitten.

of  Lady Christine Campbell


17th February, nine months old the father of two litters of kittens, Archie has grown into a huge gentle giant. Its hard to think that he is still not a fully grown cat. He loves his cuddles and is a firm favourite of our youngest grand son Mathew.

26th April. Second time Archie has been shown as an adult cat and WOW, he is a Champion.

7th March 2017. Archie has now been neutered and has joined the family indoors as a much loved layabout. Still a bit frisky, but the transition of being indoors with the girls seems so far to have gone well.

of  Lady Christine Campbell

This photo was taken, two weeks after Archie was neutered and re-introduced to being inside with the girls. Archie has settled down well, loves being indoors. It is hard to believe he was a stud cat. He is still very gentle with the girls, even when they try to play fight, just as well he is twice as big and heavier than them. Photo does not do his size justice. Anotherone who likes to keep warm on top of the fish tank.

Thank you Doreen Burke, for the lovely critique, you gave Archie at the Wessex Cat Club 1st March 2014

(Tonkinese Adult Male. 1st, CC & BOB) A super gentle young male. Gorgeous colour and excellent type. Well proportioned head, profile shows slight nose break with firm chin and level bite. Open almond shaped eyes, rather cloudy greenish colour, developing, ears of medium size, well set and pricked forward. Very stong well developed body supported by fine slender limbs. Tall balances body and is of medium length and tapered. Coat short silky and close lying with a lovely sheen. Pale creamy coat, shading to darker points on ears, tail and heels, free from barring. A great example of a Tonkinese Red, very laid back and seemingly enjoying his day.

Thank you Shirley Bullock, for the lovely critique, you gave Archie at the Herts & Middlesex Cat Club 1st March 2014

(Tonkinese Adult Male. 1st, CC & BOB) A really well grown mature boy for only 10 months. Obviously likes his food. Good length balanced tail. Strong legs and busy paws. Very good head lines with wide set medium sized ears. Well set bluey green eyes. Too nose line but would like a little more chin. Extremely good coat texture and quality with good distribution of red.


Thank you Diana Harper, for the lovely critique, you gave Archie at the Maidstone & Medway Cat Club 21st December 2013
(Tonkinese Kitten. 1st & BOB) A huge boy of very good type, he has a a large strong, moderate head, wide top and large well set ears, just enough profile break, firm chin and level bite, good shaped green eyes that have just a tinge of blue evident, enormous body, long legs and oval feet, long tail. Short fine, red coat with gently merging darker red points. Such a friendly boy, who was very proud of his comfortable double pen.

Thank you Val Kilby, for the lovely critique, you gave Archie at the Essex  Cat Club 21st September 2013
(Tonkinese Kitten. 1st & BOB) Delightful and promising young boy. Pleasing head shape with a medium length wedge. The ears are of good size and are . Gentle dip to the profile, chin of good depth. Oval shaped eyes, colour still developing. Good short fine textured coat, good clear red colouring, with minimum contrasts on the points. Good strong elegant body, long slender limbs, the tapering tail is of good length for balance.


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