Statement of Difference

The Unique ‘Tonkinese’ coat-pattern distinguishes the Tonkinese from all other breeds of cat; it is clearly neither self-coloured nor pointed, but presents a merging of darker points with the body colour.


The Tonkinese eye-colour is a notable feature of the breed; it may be greenish-blue or bluish-green. The deeper and clearer, the eye colour is, the better. The eyes are large and expressive, set well apart and more almond shaped than oriental or round.


The Tonkinese has no extreme physical features. It is a well-balanced cat of medium Foreign type.


The head is a moderate wedge. The top of the head is rounded and the medium to large ears are well spaced apart, oval tipped and pricked forward. The muzzle is gently rounded and defined by a slight whisker pinch. In profile, the Tonkinese has a slight nose-break and a firm chin of medium depth.


The firm body and strong, slender legs are well muscled and balanced by a gently tapering tail that is neither thick nor whippy. The feet are oval.


The coat is short and close-lying.


In conclusion, the Tonkinese, as a breed, displays the combination of Foreign type, blue-green eye-colour and a tonkinese coat-pattern.

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