29:10:2011. We had a lovely day at the Tonkinese Breed Club.

Congratulations to Jo, whose Hope and Oscar were made up to grand master cats, to Nortie Tortie , who gained an Imperial Grand premier certificate, Tiana who gained a Grand Champion certificate and Olivia who gained her first master cat certificate. Congratulations to Maggie, whose lovely blue girl gained her first Premier Certificate. Congratulations, to Rob whose Ocicat, Jamie, won best in show Neuter, Coco, who gained a reserve Grand Premier certificate and last but not least dear little Moppie, who looked so relaxed all day, taking it in. She gained a first in the open class and good side class results.

Congratulations to Rachel with her lilac girl, Willow, Grand Champion Yokota Lucie Lockett, who won overall Best in Show.

Congratulations, to Hazel, with Best in show kitten, with your new little Apricot boy, he is a smashing little boy and as I said to a judge at another show, shame he is not one of mine.

We took 8 cats and kittens, all three kittens had a good day, Ellie the kittens mum was really relaxed , her first time out on the show bench for nearly a year. Indie gained her first grand premier certificate.

 Puddie became the first entire chocolate boy to gain an Imperial Champion certificate and won first place in all his miscellaneous classes, just a shame that both him and Kipper never got all their red cards therefore did not get their buttons.

 Kipper also had a fabulous day, gained her second Olympian certificate, Best of Breed and five first places. Both Puddie and Kipper gained Best temperament in their sections.

A truly memorial day.

17:09:2011. Bob cats, our beautiful 'Indie' gained a new title today Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Superstar, her Premier title was gained in three straight shows, since she was neutered in May.

20:08:2011. The Three Counties. What a day, I still have not come down to earth.

Yet again, our beautiful 'Kipper' made history. The first Tonkinese to receive the coveted Olympian Certificate. She also won a best of breed had  another red card day, Not bad for an old girl of 10.

Following the show we had a mad rush home to get ready for my friends surprise party. We had a wonderful evening with her wonderful family and friends. So this is the reason I had not updated the web site. Sorry for all of you waiting for your weekly visit to the kittens page.

02:08:2011. Thank you Kimberly and congratulations, for our beautiful great grandson, Jenson,

15:07:2011. Ellie has had 7 beautiful kittens

03:06:2011. Ellie has pinked up, her kittens are due 17th July.

Pen 1


Pen 2


Pen 3


Pen 4


Pen 5


Pen 6


Pen 7


Pen 8



28:05:2011.Well I cannot believe what happened today and I really , do not know where to begin, so I think I will start with Nikita's cat Cody.

The day did not start very well, for her, but gradually throughout the day, she became more excited. Cody was entered into two shows, what is called a back to back show. Cody gained two imperial Grand certificates, in both shows he had a red card day, (all firsts) and was nominated for best in show for both shows. He went on to become Best pedigree pet and overall Best household pet , he was placed in pen 7 from left.

Grand Champion Romantica Arabian Knight, had a red card day, but his Imperial certificate was with held, (as his coat at the moment coat is not in the best off condition, even though he is still looking fairly good, when I explained to one judge, that he had been working hard for over a month and only that morning I had taken him away from his Queen, he said that I had a cat in a million there as most studs would have objected strongly, but Puddie was still very loving and affectionate He went on to e Best in Show Adult Male and was placed in pen 1

Champion Tonkaholics Mimi Laminx, on a Grand certificate and gained Best in Show Adult Female and overall Best in Show Adult beating Puddie and was placed in pen 2

We did not take any kittens or household pets this year.

In pen 5 was Grand Champion Tonkaholics Antares (Theo) owned by Kathy Wilkinson, Theo looked wonderful today, so relaxed and laid on top of his bed in his pen , he gained an Imperial Grand Premier certificate, had a red card day and went onto become best male neuter

Champion Tonkaholics Superstar, has not been shown for a few years, however she also did very well, even though she was only neutered three weeks ago. she gained her first PC.

However the accolade of the day had to go to Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, is there no stopping this girl, who is now almost 10 years old and has one of the most successful show careers I know of.

She had a red card day won another Imperial Grand Premier certificates, went onto become Best Female neuter and then overall Best in show neuter . But then went onto become Best in Show and went onto be nominated for Best in show of all four shows held. She was placed in pen 6

13:05:2011. Our beautiful blue tortie 'Ellie' and gentle giant 'Puddie' are having a love affair.

30:01:2011. Mollie came home today, she has already settled in with the other dogs and cats, bless her.


29:01:2011. We had a very happy day at the Southern Counties today, with our friends, Rob's cats did well, Coco gaining her second premier certificate. Ellie had a good day, today, gaining her second Challenge certificate, Puddie had an almost red card day except for one class where he came second, such a scrummy boy

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