17:12:05: What a wonderful day we had at the Maidstone & Medway, We met up with some very close friends. There were quite a few Tonkinese there. Tonkaholics Isla Tanika won a best of Breed, beating several other Tonkinese . She had some very good results in the miscellaneous classes. Bless his little heart Tonkaholics Uncle Sam did very well also, he won his Open and beat 4 other Tonkinese, with a Best of Breed. He also did well in his miscellaneous classes.

19:11:05: What a wonderful day we had at the Supreme. Grand Champion Isla Tanika was up for a UK Grand Certificate, she was in a very large class with 6 Asians. All very good cats of which one of my friends also had two of her cats in. It must have been very hard for the judge to choose the winner as these girls were all superb examples of their breeds. Isla Tanika did not get the UK Grand certificate, but her critique was excellent, to be seen on her own page. Her dressed pen was Bed knobs and broomsticks complete with a four posted bed with bed knobs. Once judged she went to bed under her Chinese quilt cover. She is a very special little treasure.

Lady Christine Campbell

In the afternoon we were presented with our prize from Royal Canin for being 3rd in the Top Foreign Breeders Competition. But the day was even more special for us as we were able to be with very good friends of ours.

29:10:05: What a wonderful day we had at the Tonkinese Breed Club Show, The atmosphere was wonderful, with so many nice people, all trying to achieve one goal. A wonderful Show. We did not take a lot of cats this year. But those we did take had a wonderful day and this just added to the excitement.

Lady Christine Campbell

Tonkaholics Nefertiti, gained her first Challenge Certificate and had a Red Card day.

 Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, became the first entire female Tonkinese to gain an Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate, she had a fabulous day, did well in side classes, gained a Best of Breed and went on to receive Best in Show Adult

Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar & Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika

Robert Fox

15:10:05: Well today, brought mixed blessings. It did not start well, Ishtar decided she would play a game of hide and seek, before we set of to the show. This went on for nearly an hour, my thoughts went from Oh well stay at home, to Oh hell, she has got out when the dog was let in, I finally found her under the bed, a place we had looked several times. I'm not sure whether my husband went back to bed, after we left or found himself too wide awake after that little bit of indignation, from Ishtar.

My next little bit of bad luck was on arriving at the Kentish to be met by a pay and display machine. 8 for the day. I dutifully paid this. On retuning to the car, after penning the girls up, I found that a parking ticket had been slapped on my car. Apparently I was not the only one to find one.

 Any way Grand Champion Istar, for the third time got a reserve Imperial Grand certificate and Grand Champion Isla Tanika got the Best of Breed. Both girls did very well in side classes. So the girls had a brilliant day, but for me it ended by getting lost going home, I cannot tell you where I have been today, abet to say Kent has some very pretty countryside.

17:09:05: Today, was almost a repeat of the three Counties Show. Once again at the Bob Cats, Gr Ch Tonkaholics Istar received a Reserve Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate, in a fairly big class. plus several firsts in side classes.

Mean while her beautiful daughter Gr Ch Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, won another first in her Open and a Challenge Certificate. Jean Gamble added a nice comment on the back of her card. '' A beautiful girl with lovely warm colour'' She was also awarded with a first in a class of twelve, in Foreign Breeders Adult, putting her mother in second place. Kipper also won several other firsts in side classes.

20:08:05. What a wonderful day the Tonkaholics cats had at the Three Counties Cat Society show.

Just 14 weeks after her kittens were born, Gr Ch Tonkaholics Istar received a Reserve Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate, plus several firsts in side classes, one being the breeders class.

Mean while the beautiful Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, was awarded with her third Grand Challenge certificate, giving her the title Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika. Steve Crow added a nice comment on the back of her card. '' Lovely girl, sweet as ever and full of purrs'' She was also awarded with Best of Breed out of 6 girls and 1 boy.

20:07:05. Tonkaholics Starsnstripes has been mated, her kittens are due 23rd September

04:07:05 Toshiki Yanna [Tia] has given birth to seven beautiful babies, exactly one year later, another set of American Independence day kits

Lady Christine Campbell

02:07:05, Tonkaholics Isla Tanika received her second Grand Challenge Certificate at the Wiltshire & District Cat Club.

11:06:05: Starsnstripes gained her Title of Champion at the London Cat Club Show, today, in three straight shows.

21:05:05: Nikita beautiful Tonkaholics Starsnstripes, received her second Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Suffolk and Norfolk today

13:05:05: Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar, had a very bad time in giving birth this time, but we are pleased to say all three kittens survived.

03:05:05: Tia has been mated kittens due 07:07:05

23:04:05: We had a fabulous day at the Bedford and District Show today. Tonkaholics Starsnstripes received her first Challenge Certificate & Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika received her first Grand Challenge Certificate & a Best of Breed.

20:03:05: Toshiki Yanna has been mated, kittens due 20:05:05. They will be Blue, Chocolate, Caramel and Lilac Base colours and Tabby's


Lady Christine Campbell

19:03:05: Once again Tonkaholics Starsnstripes received a first in her Open class again today, at the Surrey and Sussex

18:03:05: Tonkaholics Starlight's [Freya] kittens have been born. Possible 2 Brown Boys and 3 Blue Girls. These are 4th generation.

10:03:05: Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar has been mated, kittens due 14:05:05. Fourth generation Red, Browns and Blues boys, Brown, Blue, Brown Tortie and Blue Tortie girls.

05:03:05: At the Wessex today, Ishtar, received her 5th Grand certificate and yet another Best of Breed. She is now retiring from the show bench, for a much earned rest.

12:02:05: So far this year, our cats are having an excellent time on the show Bench. Today was no exception. Tonkaholics Starsnstripes, won her Open class but the icing on the cake, for us, was when our darling Ishtar, received her 4th Grand certificate, making her the first Brown Tortie to receive the Title Grand Champion, but more importantly the first Female Tonkinese to have obtained Merits, IC'S and receive  That special Title 'Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar'. She also received Best of Breed, 2 firsts and 1 second in very large side classes.

29:01:05: The Southern Counties, was a wonderful day for Tonkaholics cats. Tonkaholics Istar received her third Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed, Tonkaholics Onyx Divya received her first Challenge Certificate and the baby, of the clan, Tonkaholics Starsnstripes had an excellent day First in her Open, first in several side classes and received a Best of Breed out of six kittens.

14:01:05: Tonkaholics Starlight has been mated, kittens due 20:03:05. Fourth generation Browns and Blues.

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