20:11:04: The Supreme! What a day, Accompanied by my daughter and her boyfriend, who drove us there, we met so many of our friends, some of our kitten owners, others friends, we had a fantastic time. Champion Tonkaholics Istar won her second Grand Champion Challenge Certificate. She was an absolute star. She behaved so well on the table, posed like the little star she is. sitting up and preening her neck anyway she could to catch a glimpse of every thing that was going on.

Later in the day, we were presented with a beautiful crystal vase and numerous small items, for coming 8th in the Overall Top Breeder of the Year and Top Foreign Breeder in the Panacur/Our Cats 2004 competition. The prizes had been donated by Intervet.

Thank you.

02:11:04: Tonkaholics Nefertiti has been spending time with Tonkaholics Arabian Knight, kittens due 6th of January 2005,

30:10:04 Today was a very special day for the Tonkaholics family, the youngest member of the family, interested in the welfare of cats, Nikita Jade, was presented with her own kitten to care for, love and treasure, She was given her kitten at the Tonkinese Breed Club, where she diligently handed out cards and rosettes. When asked later, in the day, on the way home , what she enjoyed most about her day, her reply was my kitten, Tonkaholics Starsnstripes, a real little Tonkaholics.

Lady Christine Campbell

All the Tonkaholics cats were great ambassadors for our breed and Champion Tonkaholics Istar gained her first Grand Championship Certificate, she also had a Red card day along with Tonkaholics King Louis born on America's Independent day.

21:08:04. Tonkaholics Istar, one of our beautiful Brown Tortie's had another wonderful day, out at the Three Counties Cat Club and received her 3rd CC. gaining the Title 'Champion'

13:08:04. Tonkaholics Starlight has been mated with Fudgecake, their 4th generation kittens will be born around the 17th October.

17:07:04. Tonkaholics Istar, won her second Challenge Certificate, at the East Sussex Cat Show

04:07:04. Toshiki Yanna gave birth to seven 5th generation tabby Kittens

17:07:04. Tonkaholics Istar, won her second Challenge Certificate, at the East Sussex Cat Show

27:06:04. Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika has had two beautiful babies.

12:06:04. Tonkaholics Istar, won her first Challenge Certificate, today, plus Best of Breed. She did very well in her side classes, one of her last sons was also at the show today. Tonkaholics Sunstone Majix, bless his little heart, he was so laid back at his first show.

24:04:04. I was so proud of my Goddess of Love today, Tonkaholics Istar, she has been away from the show bench for some time to have kittens. Her kittens only left a week ago and but she was still able to be placed second in her Open class of four and gain a first place in a breeders class of nine cats.

22:04:04. Toshiki Yanna was mated today, her 5th generation Kittens will be due about 25th June

16:04:04. Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika was mated today, her kittens will be due, 19th June. If her first litter of kittens, born in October 2002 are any thing to go by, they will be suburb. This is a repeat mating

20:03:04. Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, born 180801, received her 5th CC, Best of Breed and did well in her side classes, at the Surrey & Sussex. She will now retire for a while to raise her second litter of children.


Lady Christine Campbell

06:03:04. Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, our beautiful Brown Tortie had another wonderful day out at the Wessex Cat Club and received her 4th CC. She also gained the Title 'Champion'

14:02:04. Saint Valentines Day and what a wonderful day we had at the Croydon Cat Show, Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, received her 3rd CC. She also received Best of Breed and 3 firsts in large classes today. Premier Romantica Remus, received a Reserve Grand Premier Certificate

31:01:04 We had a wonderful day , at the Southern Counties today. Tonkaholics Starlight, had an almost red card day, apart from one class where she was placed second, this was wonderful as the classes were very large. She received first in her Open class and Best of Breed, but more importantly some very nice comments from Judges at the end of the day. Our darling Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, also had a fantastic day with good results apart from one, but this could have been due to a Judge change. She received her second CC. Tonkaholics Luvinamist also had a fantastic day. but the Icing on the cake was Kathy Wilkinson's cat Tonkaholics Serendipity was made up to a Grand Premier.

16:01:04. Istar's & Fudgecakes children were born. Five beautiful kittens.

10:01:04. It was a very sad day for us, today, our beautiful Tonkaholics Dream Catcher [Bella] left here. Following the death of her friend Chardonnay, last year, Bella had found it increasingly more difficult to be  with our other cats, although she had always remained firm friends to our dog Annie

We neutered Bella in the hope that her quality of life would improve, but after several months, it had made no difference.

So today Bella's life has changed for the better, she is now residing in a home with her new friends, Katherine and Foster, who are already spoiling her rotten

Thank you Katherine and Foster, you may think she has enriched your life, but you have given her so much more. Hope, love and a sanctuary. As hard as it was for us, to let her go, we know we made the right decision for her. Thank you

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