09:12:09: After such a dreadful year we hope that we have some good news. Our big big baby boy has mated Kiki Dee. February should see the combination of these two wonderful unique lines produce a whole new Tonkaholics dynasty. Puddy who is still very much a baby at heart (he is still a kitten at the age of 6 months) even though he is now bigger than the girls, just like his name sake, when he was in his prime. The combination of these two lines should produce some exquisite kittens in brown and blue with personalities to die for.

28:11:09: I cannot believe how well the cats did at the National today.

Cody did very well his first MC certificate and very good side class results.

Bless her 'Kipper was her usually self, playing to the audience. Reminded me of her very first show at the National 8 years ago. She won Best of Breed, a reserve Imperial Grand, a Grand and two very good side classes. She just loves to play to an audience a splendid ambassador for the breed

Jo Hudson

The little ones also had a very good day. Little Ellie won her open and had very good side class results. Puddie bless him, following his name sake is a beautiful big boy, just six months old he won the open class, had good side classes and Best of Breed. But I was extremely happy when he won the Mary Hodkinson cup for the Best Tonkinese Kitten. This cup has now been won five times by Tonkaholics cats

Steve Stanton

Hope aka Tonkaholics Hopenglory became the first female Tonkinese to become a master cat, congratulations Jo and Hope

31:10:09: Well after a very long spell of wondering what more tomorrow can bring, we had an excellent day at the Tonkinese Breed Club, all seven cats held their own.

 Cody, Nikita's cat remained relaxed, at this his very first show, aged 2 1/2 which was more than we could have wished for.

The baby of the family Ellie also remained very relaxed again her first show.

Puddie Cliff Sears

However the day belonged to Puddie, Mia and Kipper, who all had red card days.

This was the first time Puddie had been shown and he took the day in his stride a very relaxed boy.

Mia not only had a red card day, but this was also the, show she qualified for her premier title, hence her title is now Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Nefertiti, the first blue tortie to become a premier.

Kipper Cliff Sears

Kipper was just Kipper, this was the fourth consecutive show that Kipper received a Best in show at the Breed club. She loves to be shown and all the attention she receives even at the age of 8. But more importantly we love her to bits, not for her titles etc, but for her personality.

11:10:09: Riley went home with his Dad, Rob, today

Oscar, aka Tonkaholics Orion, became the first Tonkinese to become a Master Cat, congratulations Jo & Phil

28:09:09: Our beautiful Kishka followed Puddie to the rainbow bridge, this year seems to have brought nothing but bad news month after month.

27:09:09: Bijoua-Baloo and Bijou-Biyamiti went home today with Alison and Rory

26:09:09: Violet, Solo's mum came today, to take him home.

18:09:09: Mimi kittens had a full MOT and second vaccination

28:08:09: Mimi ' s five remaining kittens had a full MOT and first vaccination

21:08:09: It was a sad day today, Mimi lost one of her kittens, to the rainbow bridge.

Lady Christine Campbell

This was the very moment Nikita was told that Tegan was hers, it had been a very well and hard to keep secret

05:08:09: I cannot believe it is less than a month, since Puddie left us when tragedy has struck again. Today my youngest grand daughter Nikita, has had to suffer the pain of losing her cat. Due to a tragic accident where Tegan's spine and back legs were broken she was gently put to sleep, She has been laid to rest next to Puddie, my heart broke for my grand daughter.

25:07:09: Once again we went to a show with a very heavy heart, we had booked 3 girls in to the Kensington, as we had been told numbers were down. Although I was unable to talk to many people, I had my grand daughter with me and she was worried about me getting upset, the girls took it all in their stride and had a very good day.

22:07:09. Today was a horrendous day, exactly two months after having Fudge tragically put to sleep our wonderful gentle giant passed away. Tonkaholics Arabian Knight, Puddie to his friends was a very special cat that passed on to his children the special qualities he had. Life will never be the same with out him.  I used to laugh , when he was being shown, about the fact he was always a bridesmaid but never the bride. There he was always in the back ground quietly observing what was going on. It was a credit to him that his wives always cried when they were taken home, as they too loved this magnificent fellow. Oh Puddie

21:07:09. Today Tonkaholics Shant Telle was neutered, a very neat little wound, I was told to bring her home, that she might be very sleepy and not wanting to eat. However like all Tonks Shant Telle had other ideas.

04:07:09. Happy birthday, to so many of our past kittens, hope you and your families had a lovely day.

It was a very hot day today at the Wiltshire Cat Show, both Kiki and Istar behaved impeccably. Our darling Istar received Best of Breed and we were told later by a steward that she had been considered for Best in Show, a very high accolade for such an old lady. Her Reserve Grand certificate had a lovely note on the back of the card. (Lovely lady. In lovely condition .Well done) Thank you Helen. She is very special to us.

24:06:09. Mimi Laminx kitten's birthday. 6 beautiful, healthy baby's. Mostly blue boys. Kiki Dee was with Mimi all the time, keeping her calm and helping to deliver her kittens, we have now left Mimi to bond with her precious bundles and have a rest.

30:05:09 We set off for the Tonkinese Cat Club Show, with a heavy heart and one less cat, than we had planned to take. The day started well, we met up with good friends and caught up with each others news. We were very proud of all 6 girls.

 Our two brown girls were in their first adult class. We with drew Shant Telle from the show when we went back after lunch as she was very stressed out, although better type than Kiki she is not going to make a show cat.

However she still received 4th place in the open class of 8 and 2 first in side classes.

Kiki Dee, received a first and her first CC in the same Open class and 2 firsts and a second in side classes.

Nefertiti received her first PC, 2 seconds and a third

However the ever wonderful Isla Tanika did it again. An Imperial Grand, a reserve Grand and a first and a second in side classes, so placed in all her 4 classes. She then went on to be best female neuter and overall best neuter

But one of the high lights of the day for me was seeing three brown Torties, become best in show Adult, Kitten and Neuter

It made me realise once again, just how far we have come and what more fitting than today. The Tonkinese Cat Clubs first Championship show

22:05:09 To day was a very sad day, our beautiful Stud boy Toshiki Xtraspecial (Fudgecake) was put to sleep. No words can explain our pain.

Lady Christine Campbell

20:04:09 Our beautiful Mimi Laminx has gone to visit her mate, when I left her they were both very interested in each other.

21:03:09 Our wonderful Mummy Ish, looked wonderful at the Surrey and Sussex, she did not get an imperial, however her Judge had written on the slip a hard class of superior girls she later placed her first in a large side class. She did however win another Grand and got the Best of Breed. She sat in her pen or stood up with her pen door open nearly all day for the many strokes that people gave her.

27:02:09 sorry I did not update you on the news about Mummy Ish, she is alright it has turned out to be a fatty lump. We have been told to keep an eye on it. Thanks go to all of you who worried with me and sent your prays, whilst we waited for what seemed like an eternity for the results of her needle biopsy.

It was with great sadness that our delightful Tonkaholics Secret Destiny (Honey) our beautiful brown pointed girl, was neutered today, the once hoped for kittens are not to be, she is just too tiny to become a mummy, however she will still remain our very own love bug. She is just such a delight to have around, well fall on her back, at your feet job, to have tummy tickled.

16:02:09 Please pray for mummy Ish, on Saturday she was found to have a lump on her side, about the size of a golf ball, she gets plenty of cuddles and strokes, but it is a place where your hand does not touch very often during normal cuddles. Our wonderful vets are not convinced this is just a fatty lump as he cannot pull it away from her ribs. At the moment she is having a biopsy and any thing else that requires to be done. Please pray that if this is not a fatty lump it is a benign cyst.

14:02:09 What a wonderful Valentines day Mummy Ish had at the Croydon Cat Show. In very large classes she received an Imperial Certificate, A Grand Certificate, The Best of Breed and very good results in side classes. Our wonderful little Treasure. It is hard to believe that it is nearly 10 years since Ish was born. She has given us so much love and done so much for the breed

31:01:09 Only mummy Ish (Imperial Grand Champion & Grand Premier Tonkaholics Istar) went to the Southern Counties today, she won Best of Breed in a large class.

30:01:09: Our beautiful Mia ( Champion Tonkaholics Nefertiti ) was neutered today, after producing 4 litters of fantastic kittens, she has now joined our ever increasing band of much loved layabouts

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