15:12:07: Nikita and I had a lovely day out, with very good friends. Istar received her 3rd PC, thank you Cliff for the photographs.

Lady Christine Campbell

Superstar received a challenge certificate and a reserve Grand Premier certificate. But the day really belonged to Kathy and Sharon. Kathy's oldest boy received his 5th Imperial certificate whilst her kittens had a much more relaxed day. Sid did fairly well whilst her little girl Cassiopeia received a first in the Open.

Lady Christine Campbell

However the day belonged to Amun Ra, one of Sharon's boys, not only did he receive a first but he won the Best of Breed and was considered for best foreign kitten but he received a judges choice of the day. The judge coming back to congratulate Sharon himself. Sharon was thrilled to bits.

Lady Christine Campbell

17:11:07: The Supreme, we took two girls, Indie and Kipper. Kipper came second in the UK Grand class and Indie received a Grand Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and went forward when nominated for Best of Variety.

We would like to thank 'Our Cats' and 'Royal Canin' for the beautiful gifts we received for being Top Foreign Breeders 2007

27:10:07: The Tonkinese Breed Club, what a fantastic day.

First I would like to congratulate all my kitten owners, on the wonderful day you all had. All the kittens are a real credit to you.

First congratulations on the youngest kitten, by twenty minutes at the show goes to Tonkaholics Milomagnifiko and this boy certainly stood up to his name. Well done will and Mandy on this his first show, what a wonderful day he had.

Will & Mandy Sheppard

Congratulations to Mike and Natalie, with Zofia and Leodivinci, Leo getting best Tonkinese temperament in the kittens. Zofia coming first in the Open and doing well in the side classes. They did very well seeing this was their first show at 5 months old, I really do hope you get the job in Dubai but if you decide to stay hope you will show again.

Congratulations To Sharon and Cliff, with all three of their cats in competition. At the end of the day was told by a couple of the judges that Osiris will be one they will be looking for, as they felt he has great potential.

Cliff Sears

Osiris & Amun Ra

Cliff Sears


Congratulations for Sidrophel and Cassiopeia, who were both a little up tight, we found out what the problem was, because they remained with me, when the other four went home, they have become totally dependant on one another. Cassie cannot bear not to be with out Sid. Although at home she is the more dominant one.

Lady Christine Campbell

Sid and Cassie before they went home.

Congratulations Tracey with Opalite, he had fantastic results, A first in the open, Best of Breed and went on to win Best Tonkinese Kitten in Show. This was a unanimous decision from the three best in show judges. A great result and I hope he goes on to produce some fantastic kittens, just like his daddy, Toshiki Xtraspecial has done for us.

Lady Christine Campbell

Our own girls did us proud.

Superstar 'Indie' won a reserve Grand Challenge certificate after being off the show bench for over six months and producing and rearing six beautiful kittens, five who were here today.

Istar 'Ishtar' won her second pc after nearly dying in childbirth at the beginning of the year, unfortunately her really laid back kitten Fabius Maximus was unable to attend the show due to a broken leg. A very laid back little boy.

But the icing on the cake for us today must go to Isla Tanika 'Kipper' who not only gained her qualifying Imperial Grand Premier title, the only cat to have achieved a title today, but went on to become Best in Show Neuter a unanimous decision from the three best in show judges and finally Overall Best in Show.

Anatoli Krasavine & Valentina Koulagina

Lady Christine Campbell

19:09:07: Another wonderful day. 'Kipper gained another Imperial Grand Premier and a Grand Premier certificate and a first in a very large class. Our darling Ishtar is back on the bench after six months and received her very first Premier certificate and a first in a large breeders class.

I am just so very proud of this girl, having nearly died whilst given birth, undergoing an emergency section and neutering just 14 weeks ago, she looks stunning. But the day was made for me by my good friends Sharon and Cliff's Solomon, gaining his title and beating a grand premier in doing so. Well done Soli.

Lady Christine Campbell

01:09:07: Another wonderful day. 'Mia' received another Challenge Certificate. However it was 'Kippers' day she was awarded a Reserve Imperial Grand Premier certificate, a Grand Premier certificate and a first and a second in very large classes. She was a perfect poppet.

Lady Christine Campbell

Champion Tonkaholics Nefertiti

18:08:07: What a lovely day out the cats had today at the Three Counties. The baby Opalite won his Open and received a Best of Breed. He has now gone to his new home where hopefully he will produce stunning kitten. At just four months he is already as big as some fully grown Tonkinese.

Tonkaholics Opalite Bob Fox

Whilst Isla Tanika took it all in her stride gaining another reserve Imperial Grand Premier and Grand Premier certificates and two firsts in the side classes, the day was Tonkaholics Nefertiti. The first Blue Tortie to become a Champion.

28:07:07: Kensington Kitten & Neuter cat show, Tonkaholics came first in the Open class.

07:07:07: Wiltshire cat show, very big classes, but yet again Kipper received a Reserve Grand Premier certificate and a reserve Imperial Grand Premier certificate

06:07:07: Our lovely Superstar 'Indie' gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens.

21:06:07: As always Ishtar is the perfect mummy, but sadly one of her kittens, Tiny Tim, was just not strong enough to remain with us. Lent for such a short period of time, but he brought so much love with him.

09:06:07: Sadly Ishtar had an emergency caesarean section, today, although she would have had nine kittens we were only able to revive 5 of them. It will be touch and go over the next week, as the kittens need to be bottle fed and they are very small.

19:05:07: 'Kipper and I had a wonderful day out at the Suffolk and Norfolk. She received an all Red card day. An Imperial Grand Premier Certificate, A Grand Premier Certificate and Best of Breed

28:04:07: My grand daughter was in tears, of happiness, today, she really could not take it in, her lovely Indie was made up to Champion, in three straight shows at the tender age of 10 months 1 week. Isla Tanika gained another Grand Premier Certificate and both girls gained the Best of Breed. We did not take Istar, as she has gained her Imperial title, but sadly there were no Tonkinese there to compete for the certificate.

Bob Fox

14:04:07: We had a wonderful day at the Essex today, only took 2 girls, as Ishtar already has her titles. Tonkaholics Isla Tanika won her second Imperial Grand Premier Certificate, A Grand Premier Certificate and received a first and a second in her remaining two classes. But the day belonged to 'Indie' again, who had a red card day, receiving firsts in every class, a Challenge Certificate and a Best of Breed.

04:04:07: Tonkaholics Nefertiti gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens.

Bob Fox

31:03:07: I would like to thank Margaret Kidd, Keith Scruton, Mary Kalal, Joyce Green, Grace Denny and all the other Judges before them who have thought Ishtar worthy of the most prestigious title. Imperial Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar. We are very proud of Ishtar, she is not only the first Tonkinese to achieve this title, but is also the only female Tonkinese who has actually helped the breed by working her way up from the bottom.

She has accumulated both merit and intermediate certificates in the process. The fact that she is also a brown tortie really has proved that the Tonkinese have really made it. It has often been a very up hill struggle, but my family and I have achieved what we set out to do.

Ishtar is now going to be retired from the bench for a while, she really does deserve the rest. Yesterday was wonderful, she was back to the old Ishtar, on the bench, it was almost as if she knew she had this very delectable title, instead of hiding behind the blanket, she came out and started to show off.

Indie received her first challenge certificate. But it really was Ishtar's day

Bob Fox

17:03:07: Surrey & Sussex. It was a fabulous day out. a total of 20 Tonkinese entered today a fabulous turn out and the majority of the cats were older Tonkinese.

Our own three girls had another brilliant day, Istar received her 4th Imperial Grand Challenge certificate and placed first or second in her other classes.

Superstar won her Open and received Best of Breed and two firsts in side classes.

 Isla Tanika gained her first Imperial Grand Premier certificate, a Grand certificate and a first and second in very large miscellaneous classes.

03:03:07: Nikita and I took the three girls to the Wessex Cat Show, today, the three girls had a lovely day and they had their photographs taken professionally by Bob Fox.

Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar


Tonkaholics Superstar


[All three photo's Bob Fox]

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika


Lady Christine Campbell

10:02:07: What a wonderful day out the three girls had. Tonkaholics Superstar 'Indie' received first in open and Best in Breed.

Tonkaholics Isla Tanika 'Kipper' received her 4th Grand Premier certificate and good placing in the miscellaneous classes, but the icing on the cake for us was Tonkaholics Istar receiving her 3rd Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate and a 1st in a large breeders class.

28:01:07: Mia has been mated, kittens due 3rd April

27:01:07: A fabulous day, Isla Tanika was made up to Grand Champion & Grand Premier today.

Superstar had a fabulous day, at the very tender age of seven months, we still cannot believe it, she gained firsts in all but one class again, gained the Best of Breed and went on to be best of variety foreign kitten.

Thank you to the many sponsors who provided beautiful gifts.

13:01:07: First we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends a very happy and prosperous new year. This week has seen both Alan and myself back to work, I would not wish the virus we have both had on my worst enemies. So hopefully this year will be a healthy one for everyone.

Robert Fox

Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika

Our show year started with a bang, in more ways then one. Nikita was unwell, so was unable to go. I was heading for Thornbury, then realised the show was infact in Western Super Mare. Much further than I had anticipated.

I took three girls with me Istar received a Best of Breed and first in breeders class.

 Superstar had yet another fantastic day. Receiving, Best of Breed and first in all her classes but one, when she got a second, very proud of this girl as at just six months old she looks fully grown.

Dear old faithful Isla Tanika had a Red Card Day and Best of Breed. What more could we have asked for.

Well certainly not being locked out of my car with engine going and lights on. There is no way this can happen normally in my car, but as I got out of the car to change my shoes, feet aching badly, the two younger girls must have shifted their weight and their carrier locked the handle from inside.

My sincere thanks to both Christian (Royal Canin) and Bob Fox (photographer) for getting me back into my car.

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