16:12:06. At 09:00, this morning, whilst standing in a field ankle deep in mud, I was beginning to wonder if I should have even got out of bed, it had been one of those days when every obstacle life can be throw at you, comes your way.

However the cats had a brilliant day out at the Maidstone & Medway. The oldest, Istar, received her 10th reserve Imperial Grand Certificate and also received 3 firsts in very large side classes (10), we had not put her in the open so felt very pleased with that.

 The baby Superstar, received a first and Best of breed in the open also doing well in the side classes.

Isla Tanika, bless her heart just remains a fantastic cat. She gained her second Grand Premier Certificate, Best of breed and also did well in the side classes.

Like her mum Istar she also received a first in a breeders class of eleven cats. This should be our last entry this year. Looking back over the year we have had a very successful year.

Robert Fox

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika

25:11:06. The Supreme, what a wonderful day, so many beautiful Tonkinese there. We only took one girl. Our beautiful Isla Tanika, who won a Grand Premier Certificate. we also picked up our prize for coming third in the foreign section of Royal Canin Breeders section.

Lady Christine Campbell

Tonkaholics Superstar

28:10:06. The Tonkinese Breed Clubs 4th Championship show was held to day, A small show of 56 Tonkinese cats, of all ages, in all the colours and patterns.

Fantastic to see so many off our beautiful breed in one place.

We did not take as many cats as we have done in the past, but nether the less they made us very proud of them all..

On checking the catalogue we realised that all four girls were in large classes.

 Tonkaholics Nefertiti went along for the ride, as the general public very rarely see a Blue Tortie. But she held her own.

 Grand Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika received a reserve Grand Premier Certificate and Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar received an Imperial Grand Certificate, but the icing on the cake for us was our new little girl Tonkaholics Superstar, who at just 4 months of age made her debut to showing.

She almost had a red card day as she received a second in a class of seven. Having won her open, she received a Best of Breed over the boy and went on to receive Best in Show kitten. I must say I would not have liked to have been in the judges position of having to choose a kitten, as there were some fantastic kittens there.

I would also like to thank the owners of Tonkaholics Cats at the show, they were all a credit to you., but more importantly so obviously loved.

Lady Christine Campbell

Grand Premier Tonkaholics Antares

21:10:06. We did not show our own cats today, but went along to the Kentish Cat Show. I was absolutely thrilled for Kathy Wilkinson, today, when the three cats she was exhibiting all did something special.

Kathy had her three youngest cats with her. The eldest of the three Grand Premier Tonkaholics Serendipity received a Reserve Imperial Grand Premier certificate after not being show for over a year, this was in a class of four.

Her youngest cat Whisper gained a Title. He now owns the title Premier Tonkaholics Uncle Sam.

 Whilst Kathy's red star Grand Premier Tonkaholics Antares received best in show foreign Neuter.

Robert Fox

Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika


16:09:06. Grand Champion & Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika had a wonderful day at the BOB Cat's today. A red Card day in very big side classes, plus a Best of Breed in a class of seven Tonkinese. Her mum, Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar, also had a fairly good day, gaining her ninth Reserve Imperial Grand Champion Certificate, plus a Best of Breed in a class of six Tonkinese.

07:09:06. Tia was neutered today.

02:09:06. The girls did very well at the Herts & Tarts today, Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar picked up another Best of Breed, whilst Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika picked up another title today. Premier, this was in 3 straight shows and in just five weeks.

19:08:06. The girls had a wonderful day out at the Southampton cat show.

Both girls picked up a Best of Breed. Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika also picking up a first in the Open and her second premier certificate plus 3 firsts in the side classes.

whilst Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar picked up another Reserve Grand Imperial Certificate and A Grand Champion Certificate.

 Jean Gamble who had given her the certificate wrote a very nice comment on the back of the card. 'Star of my day - excellent type and such a lovely nature!' Thank you Jean.

29:07:06. It's just over three months since our beautiful Gr Ch Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, had her kittens and went through a horrendous c-section and neutered, she proved today what a wonderful cat she is, by returning to the show bench and receiving her first premier certificate and very good miscellaneous classes.

It wound not have mattered to us if she could not have been shown again, at least we have her thanks to our vets. But she is some special cat who just loves to show off, she races to the carrier on show day, when we call showie, We are so lucky that we belong to her.

08:07:06. What a mixed day we had today. My grand daughter and I spent nearly an hour looking for Tonkaholics Nefertiti, in the end we decided just to take Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar, as we felt it better to take one cat then waste any more time and miss vetting in.

It was the first time we have ventured so far north, so had no idea how long it would take us to reach the Lincolnshire Show. Such a shame Nefertiti did not go as she had a very good chance of being made up to a Champion as she was the only female cat entered in the Open Class.

Never mind, having a titled cat is not the B all and end all of being owned by these wonderful little people in fur coats.

Yet again Ishtar did us proud, she received another reserve Imperial Grand Challenge certificate, beat the entire boy for the Best of Breed and received a second in a class of nine, judges comment at bottom of slip A super class.

 She also picked up a first in a class of thirteen.  The venue is very nice, only sorry it is not down south, for more shows to be held there. We left the hall very tired to go to our over night venue, when suddenly my car became poorly, loads of stuff being pumped out of the exhaust, so it was very lucky that we had booked accommodation.

 I would normally just get on with it, but I had one very frightened little girl with me. However a very good meal, spent with Kathy and Nikita and a good nights sleep, made things look much better in the morning. Bless her heart Ishtar took all this in her stride.

18:06:06. Tia has had her kittens.

20:05:06. We had a wonderful day out today, Istar had another good day, a Reserve Grand certificate and a first and two seconds in very large side classes

06:05:06. Tia has pinked up today, so we can expect her kittens in six weeks time.

29:04:06. Istar gained another Reserve Imperial Grand certificate today and was nominated for best in show, at the Bedford. She now has five reserves. Isla Tanika and her kittens are doing well.

27:04:06. Yesterday was a very traumatic day. Tonkaholics Isla Tanika looked like she was going to have her kittens on Monday, after a couple of very harrowing days, she started to bleed fairly heavily, yesterday morning, due to the fact that the placenta's were beginning to separate from the uterine wall.

 The result was a caesarean section and Kipper being neutered.

 The two kittens were very flat when they were born and needed two hourly bottle feeding as Kipper had no milk. Today however both kittens seem to be progressing well and are now able to suckle from mum as her milk has returned.

 It has been a complete miracle. Abet the fact Kipper has also joined our every increasing layabouts.

15:04:06. We do not like our girls to have kittens within a year of each litter, but due to the fact that Tia our Caramel Tabby girl, has had a pyometra, in the past and has been extremely distressed on this last call, we have broken our golden rule and she will be having kittens exactly 50 weeks after her last litter. Her kittens will be due late June

08:04:06. A very special day, in the company of friends. Our dear little Blue Tortie, Tonkaholics Nefertiti, gained her second CC, the Judge had put a nice comment on the back of her Certificate 'Lovely female of good type and warm colouring.'

18:03:06. Tonkinese history is made again. Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar received an Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate. A big achievement again, not only because she is a Brown Tortie Tonkinese, but because she is the only female Tonkinese to gain Merits, Intermediate Certificates, Challenge Certificates, Grand Certificates and an Imperial Certificate. We are so very proud of her.

04:03:06. Grand Champion Tonkaholics Istar got another reserve Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Wessex Cat Club show today

20:02:06. Grand Champion Tonkaholics Isla Tanika has been mated, kittens due 26th April, thank you to every one who has waited patiently for a kitten.

28:01:06. We had a lovely day out at the Southern Counties today. Many of our friends, whom we have made, that had kittens from our girls were there today. Congratulations to Kathy, whose little red Star, Theo {Tonkaholics Antares} won Best of Breed in the Neuters and her new baby Whisper { Tonkaholics Uncle Sam} won his open class. Meanwhile Jo Whittington's beautiful Tabby girl Tonkaholics Hopenglory won her Open and received Best of Breed in the kittens. It was lovely to catch up on every ones news.

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