11:12:2010: I would like to wish all our dear friends and family a very happy Christmas and happier times for 2011.

Champion Tonkaholics Mimi Laminx.

Cat Planet

Grand Champion Romantica Arabian Knight

Cat Planet

The National was great fun, abet having cats in both halls, which meant that both Nikita and my feet were sore and tired by the end of the day, however it was worth it.

All the cats gained certificates and were placed very well in side classes which is a big bonus at the National, The boys did well and both Mimi Laminx and her litter sister Shant Telle received certificates.

Congratulations Rob. It was Mimi 3rd Challenge Certificate giving her her first title. Champion Tonkaholics Mimi Laminx.

23:11:2010: Just a few hours after Solly, Minnie peacefully went to sleep, and never woke again, I am sure this dear old cat, helped Solly on his journey to the other side, where she met her best friend Jasper.

22:11:2010: The news I never wanted to hear, sadly Solomon has gone to the rainbow bridge, a courageous boy with a very poorly but loving heart.

21:11:2010: Bailey, our Blenheim Cavalier King Charles came home today, he is such a happy puppy.

Thank you Lizzie, for letting us have this little treasure. His brother, Harley a Tri-colour has gone to live with Jo, so they will still be able to play and grow up together.

Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Tonkaholics Isla Tanika

Sharon Sears

30:10:2010: We had another good day at the Tonkinese Breed Club, thank you Sharon, for taking on the roll of foster mum to 'Kipper' . It was lovely to see you there and catch up on news.

Congratulations Rob on your brilliant win for Jamie and look forward to seeing Coco out and about.

Congratulations to Jo, it was wonderful to see Oscar so relaxed and receive a Grand.

We had a nice little message written on our envelop, when vetting in the vet had written lovely temperaments, I have never had this happen before and he said it was wonderful to see such lovely cats.

Our youngest girl, Ellie, had a good day, placed in all her classes.

 Mimi, received a Challenge Certificate.

 Cody received an Imperial Certificate.

Young Puddie had a brilliant day he was made up and has now become Grand Champion Romantica Arabian Knight, and was placed first in all his classes bar one which Ellie beat him in.

However it was 'Kipper's day. The grand old girl, oldest cat in the show, aged 9, not only had a red card day and best neuter in show but became overall Best in Show. Thank you to all her judges and her foster mum with plying her with so much attention.


18:09:2010: We had a lovely day at the Bob cats today.

 Mimi obtained a CC .

 Puddie gained a CC, Reserve Grand cc and the best of breed.

Cody also did well in a large pet section gaining a reserve imperial grand master cat and best of group.

 But the day belong to my friend Robs cat Riley, who gained his first title Premier Tonkaholics Angelite-Blue

Cat Planet

23:08:2010: To day our beautiful Kiki Dee was neutered and has joined the rest of the layabouts.

21:08:2010: Three counties Cat Show. What a day, thank you Jo, for the lift to the show.

 In nearly twenty years of showing, it was the first time that the fire alarms went off, in the afternoon, I felt ill and shaky in the legs as I had to leave my darling boy in the hall as we were all evacuated, until the leisure centre was redeemed safe to go back in to by the fire brigade, luckily it was a false alarm.

 Dear dear Puddie he was a little frightened of the alarm bells, but as soon as we came back in he was back to his laid back disposition and purring and padding.

He had a really good day receiving his second grand and Best of Breed.

30:05:2010: Yesterday was the Tonkinese Cat Clubs second championship show and we had planned to take a few cats.

Mimi stayed home she may be pregnant.

The day started reasonable well, until we had penned and settled all the cats, bless her my friend Sharon had come along to help look after the cats and Rob had brought Riley.

However just before we left the hall at 10:00 I noticed that Mia (Nefertiti) was breathing abnormally, (very laboured) I asked the duty vet if she would take a look at her. Mia was having an acute asthma attack, the vet thought she might be alright in a quiet area, however I took her home, which thank fully this time was only a half hour drive from the hall.

She was medicated and settled down with my husband, today I am pleased to say you would not know that any thing had been wrong with her.

Grand Master Cat Cody (alias Tonkaholics Bufalobil Cody) Robert Fox

The rest of the day went fairly well. Kipper had a red card day and received a beautiful rosette from Joan Bernstein who had come all the way from USA and stayed all day.

 It was lovely to meet such a lovely lady

Cody was made up to a Grand Master, the first Tonkinese cat to gain this title and had a very successful day. Nikita was so proud of her cat.

Puddie (alias Champion Romantica Arabian Knight

  Robert Fox

Puddie had a wonderful day, he received his first grand champion certificate and Best of Breed and went on to be come Best in show Adult male, the only thing that was a shame was although we had some lovely photos taken of him by Robert Fox, I never took a photo of him in his pen with all his lovely red rosettes.

Congratulations to my friends cats Hope (alias Tonkaholics Hopenglory who was Best in Show Household pedigree cat and overall Best in show household pet.

Also to Riley (alias Tonkaholics Angelite-Blue) and Rob for a wonderful day and achieving Best in show Male neuter at this his second show.

19:05:2010: Today was one of those days which you know will one day come but you hope in your heart it never will . Jasper 'Premier Romantica Remus' passed away in his sleep this afternoon. At the end of next week he would have had his 16 birthday. He will be missed so much by us all.

08:05:2010: We have never been to the Bristol & District and reluctantly set out for the show, to mentor a friend at this his second show.

The journey should have taken 2 hours, however we took a wrong turning and after more than 3 hours turned up at the show at 09:30, just enough time to pen and feed the cats.

I looked around for Riley's owner, he was no where to be found and Riley was not in his pen. so we spent a worrying day hoping that he had taken a wrong turning like us and decided to return home, because he was to late, or that he was ill. I tried not to think that he may have had an accident. On returning home relieved to know he over slept, due to a couple of monsters wanting to play during the night.

Ellie received her first CC, and a couple of firsts and a second in side classes, so we were really pleased for her.

However the day belonged to Puddie, gaining the Best of Breed and he received his third CC and is now a champion

Pedigree household pet 'Cody' with owner Nikita

The very affectionate and loving Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Champion Isla Tanika, 74e with owner / Breeder Mrs C Richards

Romantica Arabian Knight, 74b, with helper Nikita.

Pet Planet

20:03:2010: The cats had a wonderful day at the Surrey & Sussex again today, our youngest girl, Ellie won her open and received Best of Breed.

We pulled Kipper out of the Grand class, however she still did very well receiving a reserve Imperial, Best of Breed in a class of five and 2 first in her remaining classes. She was on top form to day and loved all the attention she could get.

Young Puddie also did very well, he received his second Challenge Certificate and two firsts in side classes.

However Nikita was thrilled to bits, Cody received a Grand Master certificate , did well in his side classes, however he went on to be nominated for Best in show, she was so excited.

06:03:2010: Both Cody and Puddie did very well at the Wessex cat show today, we did not take Kipper. Cody received his fourth MC Certificate and bless his big soppy heart Puddie had a fabulous day, winning not only his Open class, a Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed but also a couple of firsts in the side classes.

21:02:2010: Our gentle giant Stud cat, Puddie, is now officially an adult even though he was playing adult games at six months. We are so proud of him, his kittens are really fabulous, more than we could have wished for.

20:02:2010: It is with great sadness, I write this , my daughter Jo's beautiful black oriental was sadly put to sleep, due to kidney failure.

14:02:2010: Valentines day and such a special gift from two beautiful cats, 5 wonderful kittens 2 girls and 3 boys.

Steve Stanton

13:02:2010: Croydon Cat show, we took four cats and received a Best of Breed in the three sections we entered.

Kipper was herself, just enjoying the day.

 The two kittens received a 1st in the Open, with Ellie taking the Best of Breed


 Cody received Best of Breed, but more importantly was the third Tonkinese to become a Master Cat. Nikita was over the moon.

Steve Stanton

30:01:2010: At the Southern Counties, Cody received a MC certificate and a Best of Group.

 Darling Kipper received a Grand Premier certificate and the Best of Breed.

Both babies of the family won their open class and dear little Ellie won the best of Breed, not sure who was more surprised, I never saw that coming, and had thought about with drawing her first thing in the morning as she was so upset when we initially penned her.

We would like to wish all our friends and family a very happy year ahead

06:01:2010 We woke up today for the second time within a month to be isolated from the world. I have lived in Alton for over 40 years and never have I known it to be so bad. This was only the second time in my life time that I have experienced a white Christmas.

The first flurry was a foot deep we are expecting another lot later today. Whilst it is very pretty, it does make going to work extremely difficult. The weight of the snow is uprooting trees. Since taking this photo the cats run has collapsed under the weight of the snow

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