12:08:13. Tonkinese history UK , is made again, at the three Counties Cat show. Tonkaholics Majik=Paws, (brown pointed) Tonkaholics Bufalobil Cody, AKA Imperial Grand Master cat Cody, (blue pointed) Tonkaholics Mickey Blueyes, (Chocolate pointed) and Tonkaholics Ziggystar-Dust, (Brown solid) all received a Merit award.

Tillie received a challenge certificate and both Ellie and Kipper received a Best of Breed. Well done everyone.


Our beautiful clear coated red boy came home today, he has settled in already with the other cats and is a firm favourite f my husbands already.


This young boy has all my old stud cats and many of my old girls in the back ground of his pedigree.

Welcome home Archie and Lizzie I cannot thank you enough for making this possible for us.

12:08:13 Teddy and Benji have left home to live with their new family. They have settled in well and are very much loved members of their new family

01:07:13 Happy 16th birthday, my beautiful grand daughter,

28:06:13: Nikita's Prom night

07:06:13: Good and bad news. After three very hot days , I found Puddie curled up in his bed at 07:05, very tired and with a few cuts on him. He will need a complete screen both bloods and swabs taken in a couple of weeks.

The bad news is, our darling goddess of Love Ishtar went to the rainbow bridge. She had been going down hill for the last couple of months , however I think this weeks hot weather had not helped. We miss her dreadfully . A very special cat.


04:06:13: Our beautiful boy Puddie has gone, Alan came back from walking the dogs, to find his gate wide open.

25:05:13: Tonkinese Cat Club Show. What a wonderful day we had. Congratulations to Trudy whose kittens did very well. Especially Majik-Paws, as this was her very first show. She got a first and Best of Group.  She did exceeding well, coming first in three side classes  which one was a class of five , the others  all being titled cats. She beat Nikita's Cody in another class and the pedigree cat who won best of show in another class. Another titled cat. So well done Pickle. Good luck at your next show.

Trudy's Mickey did reasonable well , we have been worried about his coat pattern for sometime. Yesterday when I saw him, should have taken photos of the cats, he is a stunner, but there was now doubt  that he has a pointed coat pattern, his eyes have cleared and revealed the most stunning sapphire blue eyes. We are waiting for his DNA to come back.


Congratulations to Rob, Riley was made up to Grand Premier yesterday, it was a real shame that Moppie was so upset, it was one of those things, it could not be helped, she had became upset by another cat. Dudley, who also won his open and had a red card day.

Congratulations to Nikita, her Cody was nominated for Best in Show and received an Olympian Certificate and did well in the side classes. Thank you Sue for the lovely message on the back of his certificate, It really made Nikita's day, wish you could have seen her face, she was more excited about the message than the certificate.

I was a little disappointed not to have been able to take Ellie, who is looking stunning at the moment. She is frantically calling at the moment, for her mate, even though I keep telling her it is too soon, her last kittens are only 7 months. she has a habit of rolling when she is calling and had caught her back leg on her ear. So not able to take her.

Puddie not looking his best at the moment so Imperial certificate with held, that's the problem you have with a stud cat, however he did well in his side classes

Tilly had a good day, she won her open, received Best of Breed and went on to win Best in Show female kitten.

Last but not least, the girl did it again. Now in her twelfth year, she still loves going to shows. Would dearly love to retire her, however she would be so upset if I left her at home and took one of the others. She had a brilliant day. Red card day, Olympian Certificate and Best in show Neuter. What a darling little love bug she is.  

13:05:13: Mimi had two beautiful kittens after a very long labour.

16:03:13: Surrey and Sussex. We took three cats, Kipper did well in the side classes, Ellie gained a reserve Grand CC, Adult female classes very large today, so very pleased with this and little Tillie had another very successful day, First in Open, BOB and good side classes. 

02:03:13: Another back to back show.  We took Kipper and Tillie. Cody booked in but unable to take him, because for some reason  I missed him out when the rest of the cats were vaccinated in September, so he had to have a full course of vaccinations and not just the booster and was in the middle of the course.

Herts and Tarts Kipper gained another Best of Breed and Tillie gained a first and Best of Breed and did well in her side classes. Congratulations to Rob, as Moppie was made up to Grand Premier today,


Wessex. Kipper gained a Best of Breed and did well in her side classes. Tillie gained a first in the Open and did well in her side classes

Congratulations to Rob, whose little boy gained Best in Show Pedigree Pet, at the tender age of 5 months.

26:02:13: Colourpoint Society of Great Britain, we took Kipper, Ellie and Tonkaholics Wondering-Star. Kipper gained another Reserve Olympian certificate, shame a reserve cannot be half a certificate, she would have been made up now and retired. If it was not for the fact that she enjoys her outings to shows so much, would give it up as a bad job, just so difficult to get a certificate in female neuter class. Kipper also gained Best of Breed  and first in her side classes. Ellie I put in the wrong show, could not believe my mistake. Stupid woman! Little Tillie did us proud at this her first shows. 1st in Open and Best of Breed and first in her side classes. A Red card day at her first show.

It was a back to back show with the Southern Counties. Kipper received another Reserve Olympian certificate in a very large class. Best of Breed, however did not do so well in her side classes. Ellie not entered, but this was the show I had intended her to be in. Tillie again did well First in Open and Best of Breed and first in very big classes in the side classes.

12:01:13: Kipper added another Best of Breed to her wins and red cards in the side classes.

05:01:13: The last of the kittens went home today.

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