30:09:2012: Ellie has had six kittens, they look like boys. 

15:09:2012: BOB Cats and East Sussex. Our darling 'Kipper' continues to do really well' she received 2 reserve Olympian Certificates and had mostly first, in both shows. One of which was a class of twelve, she had only one second in a class of eight.

28:07:2012: What a fabulous day we had at the Kensington today. Rob's Moppie got her first Premier Certificates and Coco got her first Imperial Certificate. Bless her heart Kipper did it again, firsts in all her side classes, Best of Breed a Reserve Olympian Certificate and finally finished the day with Best Foreign Neuter

06:07:2012: Wee little Mathew is now, five and a halve weeks old and weighs the size of a new born baby

06:2012: We only took Kipper to the London, she was her usually wonderful self and gained a reserve Olympian certificate in a class of 13 and gained another best of breed.

29:05:2012: Wee little Mathew was born, weighing just 4lbs 9oz, his weight dropped to 4lbs 1oz

26:05:2012: We had a fabulous time at the Tonkinese Cat Club show, Kipper gaining another Olympian certificate and overall best exhibit, in this her eleventh year.

28:04:2012: Tonkaholics Isla Tanika, (Kipper), received Best Foreign.

17:03:2012: Surrey and Sussex, we had a very good day out with friends.

Puddie received his second Imperial Grand Champion certificate, I was totally over come. The competition was very stiff and I had even considered leaving Puddie at home.

Katie won the open class and received a Best of Breed, I think she was grateful that her older sister by a few minutes was not there, so was able to shine at last.

Bless her cotton socks, Ellie received her third Challenge certificate, again tough competition and was made up to Champion Tonkaholics Dontforgetme, as if we could!


Liz Edge with your wins with the Maus

A very good day indeed.


28:01:2012; Southern Counties: What a funny day, Nikita and I  travelled up to the show hall with three cats, two belonged to my friend and my friend. Settled the cats in and then went to breakfast whilst Opens were done; Breakfast was no longer the full English breakfast but bacon or sausage baps. Nikita had been looking forward to her breakfast, so was a little disappointed. All the Opens were done, but still the Olympian class had not been put on the board. Side classes went up, then the class went up for the Olympians, Kipper had got a reserve in a class of eight very nice cats. We waited for the rosette to come, thinking it must be really nice as the Imperials were fantastic. However it never came and it was not until the end of the show when the winner of the class told me there had not been enough rosettes.  However we did reserve her certificate which was a blessing, it seems to be catching the same thing had happened to us at the Tonkinese Breed Club.

Then Kippers pen number was called out, I had not been listening, so got a nudge by both Rob and Nikita. Kipper had won a cash prize in a side class, which I had not even taken the results down for.

Then for the first time for a very long time, took a wrong turning when leaving the hall and we all found ourselves taking the scenic route home.

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