Chairperson: Anne Gregory


 Hon. Secretary: Mr

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Mike Vousden

The Tonkinese Breed Advisory, committee, is made up from 5 representatives from The Tonkinese Breed Club and 5 from the Tonkinese Cat Club. Each BAC , governed by the rules of the  GCCF, have a maximum of 10 representatives plus a Chairperson and Secretary.

In the case where a Breed has a number of affiliated clubs, to the GCCF, The BAC representatives are equally divided from each club, to make up a committee of 10. These representatives should be experienced Judges, Breeders or Exhibitors.

The  BAC' s are the only body who can put forward  changes to the Breeds SOP, registration policies or propose new Judges, for their Breeds. 

Each year BAC' s are required to hold a Seminar, on their Breeds, these can range from type to coat patterns etc. Any body who is interested in a Breed can attend these Seminars. A good way to learn about a Breed, especially for the Tonkinese, where so many books have misrepresented facts.

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