Tonkinese Colours

Several people, have asked me about Black, White, Fawn and Cinnamon Tonkinese.

These colours are not recognised in our gene pool.

Colours that are accepted are: -

{Thank you Jan, for pointing out my error, I forgot to add some of the numbers for the girls}

Boys No. Girls No.
Brown 74 Brown 74
Blue 74a Blue 74a
Chocolate 74b Chocolate 74b
Lilac 74c Lilac 74c
Red 74d Red 74d
    Brown Tortie 74e
Cream 74f Cream 74f
    Blue Tortie 74g
    Chocolate Tortie 74h
    Lilac Tortie 74j
Caramel 74n Caramel 74n
Apricot 74fn Apricot 74fn
Brown Tabby 74t Brown Tabby 74t
Blue Tabby 74at Blue Tabby 74at
Chocolate Tabby 74bt Chocolate Tabby 74bt
Lilac Tabby 74ct Lilac Tabby 74ct
Red Tabby 74dt Red Tabby 74dt
    Brown Tortie Tabby 74et
Cream Tabby 74ft Cream Tabby 74ft
    Blue Tortie Tabby 74gt
    Chocolate Tortie Tabby 74ht
    Lilac Tortie Tabby 74jt
Caramel Tabby 74nt Caramel Tabby 74nt
Apricot Tabby 74fnt Apricot Tabby 74fnt
    Caramel Tortie Tabby 74pt

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