Tonkinese Studs

The number of studs that any breed has, has an ultimate effect on the actual working gene pool.

The Tonkinese breed although relatively new in Britain, I am glad to say, has had a fair amount of working studs.

I have collected these since, 1995, however these boys are not all active now, but have played their part in furthering our magnificent breed. So I feel that they should have a mention in the history of the Tonkinese Breed.

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Cats Name




Adhuish Atlas 1st


Adhuish Yankee Doodledandy 1st 05:10:1989 Brown
Keoni Kerlie Klark 1st   Brown
Tajens Irredescent Opel* 1st   Lilac
Adraysh Stormbringer 1st 14:01:1991 Lilac
Adraysh Irradescent Opal* 1st 23:01:1991 Lilac
Adraysh Hey Frankie 1st 09:03:1991 Lilac
Episcopuss Caesar 1st 19:03:1991 Cream
Rohese Duke Ofearl 1st 15:05:1991 Chocolate
Tonkabella Benedict Bruno 1st 18:02:1992 Brown
Addeish Marvellous Mennis 1st 07:05:1992 Red
Ishokats Bijan Valentino 1st 1992 Brown
Thiamar Nicsmi Northstar 1st 1992 Brown
Addeish Bebe Dolphin 1st 1992 Chocolate
Addeish Clarinath Oberon 1st 18:04:1992 Lilac
Addeish Arrons Nibbs 1st 21:06:1992 Brown
Bonzer Butterscotch 1st   Chocolate
Keo Pioneer 1st 07:02:1993 Red
Tajens Yamato 2nd 1993 Blue
Ishmal Darling Budofmay 2nd 16:05:1993 Chocolate
Talofapuss Androcles 1st 01:06:1993 Cream
Tonkabella Fingal Fredric 2nd 08:03:1993 Chocolate
Tonkabella Frisco Francis 2nd 08:03:1993 Chocolate
Tajens Red Hotpoker 2nd 08:03:1993 Red
Sylvakib Shamis 1st 1993 Red
Grimspound Red Majestic 3rd 15:07:1993 Red
Tajens Jackademus 2nd 30:07:1993 Blue
Chumblin Firefly 1st 17:08:1993 Cream
Romantica Rousseau 1st 01:09:1993 Red
Romantica Rodrigo Redsun 1st 01:09:1993 Red
Deelando Amadeus 1st   Lilac
Varclin Cossack Conrad 1st   Brown
Bonzer Sealofapproval 1st 07:03:1994 Chocolate
Romantica Lancelot 1st 10:03:1004 Blue
Premier Romantica Remus 1st 31:05:1994 Red
Benzig Magic Keo 1st 23:07:1994 Cream
Bonzer Brumas 2nd 25:08:1994 Lilac
Coomakista Aceof Hearts 2nd 06:09:1994 Red
Adouzsh Hypnos 2nd 09:09:1994 Blue
Adouzsh Zachariah Zeus 2nd 28:09:1994 Lilac
Rohese Macavity 1st   Blue
Herkatz Rudi Redboy 2nd 10:01:1995 Red
Learoyd Whisker 2nd 14:01:1995 Lilac
Episcopuss Jason 2nd 27:01:1995 Cream
Bonzer Merlin 1st 07:03:1995 Lilac
Bonzer Paper Tiger 1st 07:03:1995 Blue Tabby
Deelando Sunofatiger 1st 21:03:1995 Brown Tabby
Bonzer Hell Raiser 1st   Brown
Clarinath Nightshadow 1st 25:04:1995 Lilac
Romantica Oscar 2nd 02:06:1995 Lilac
Romantica Cream Casanova 1st 07:06:1995 Cream
Shotonks Shogun Talison 1st 20:06:1995 Lilac
Samkabar Pleides 1st 21:07:1995 Blue
Episcopuss Leonidas 4th 10:10:1995 Lilac
Adquash Lairdo Corrinzion 1st 29:11:1995 Brown
Tonkitu Takarazuka     Red Pointed
Tonkabella Magnus Meredith     Chocolate
Draganara Tarusbulba     Blue
Adquash Mystic Ambition 1st 27:12:1995 Chocolate
Adquash Toshiki Arakasi 2nd 01:02:1996 Brown
Suantre Fantasia 3rd 29:03:1996 Lilac
Tonkaholics Arabian Knight 2nd 10:04:1996 Chocolate
Tajens Jumping Jackflash 3rd 03:05:1996 Blue
Draganara Whiz Kid 2nd 05:05:1996 Brown
Adquash Ceasar Capuchin 2nd 09:05:1996 Red
Tonkitu Yoshiki 2nd 17:07:1996 Cream
Tonkitu Tataki 3rd 21:08:1996 Red
Bonzer Red Rum   18:09:1996 Red Tabby
Bonzer Royal Challenger 2nd 22:09:1996 Chocolate
Shotonks Magical Macavity 1st 14:12:1996 Brown
Grand  Champion & Premier Mymystic Pharoah 1st 30:01:1997 Blue Tabby
Suantre Lord Lucifer 3rd 03:05:1997 Blue
Draganara Bungle 2nd 14:07:1997 Brown
Episcopuss Nestor 3rd 26:07:1997 Cream Pointed
Advensh Sweenie Todd 3rd 05:09:1997 Chocolate
Bonzer Flash Harry 2nd 09:11:1997 Chocolate Tabby
Grimspound Socretes 2nd 05:09:1997 Red
Elspuss Rohese Icesun 1st 01:01:1998 Chocolate
Suantre Red Alert 3rd 20:04:1998 Red
Rameses Nemesis 1st 17:05:1998 Blue
Angisan Fearless Bjorn 1st 21:05:1998 Brown
Angisan Bananas Ntreacle 1st 13:08:1998 Brown
Deelando Moonglow 1st   Blue Solid
Tonkaholics Sundance 3rd 20:10:1998 Red Solid
Ohso Jumping Jack 2nd 27:04:1999 Blue
Grand Premier Suantre Fatal Attraction 2nd 05:05:1999 Brown Tabby
Toshiki Kheldar 3rd 23:05:1999 Brown
Toshiki  Khatzanova 3rd 23:05:1999 Brown
Episcopuss Pegasus 4th 27:07:1999 Cream
Bonzer Sushi 2nd 17:10:1999 Caramel Tabby Pointed
Grand Champion Tonkitu Flynn 4th 14:11:1999 Red
Ferngully Murphy 1st 12:01:2000 Brown
Toshiki Shayle 3rd 01:04:2000 Caramel Tabby
Fecheldee Omar 3rd 14:04:2000 Cream
Ohso Blue Heaven 3rd 01:05:2000 Blue
Suantre Dragonfly 3rd 25:06:2000 Brown Tabby
Ohso Darling Dillion 3rd 26:06:2000 Cream
Quelazure Zachyl 2nd 09:08:2000 Brown
Gloanron Mozart 2nd 25:08:2000 Brown Solid
Gloanron Mr Bumble 2nd 25:08:2000 Caramel Tabby
Samkabar Zuriof Herkatz 2nd 10:09:2000 Brown
Fecheldee Simon 2nd 10:02:2001 Cream
Bonzer Thunderball 2nd 03:03:2001 Chocolate
Weyholme Enrique 1st 24:04:2001 Lilac
Tawfan Toshiki Edan 3rd 25:07:2001 Blue
Champion Bonzer Stromboli 2nd 31:08:2001 Chocolate Tabby
Ferngully Bo Jangles 1st 12:09:2001 Brown Tabby
Champion Angisan Xcaliber Knight 2nd 06:04:2002 Lilac
Toshiki Xtraspecial 4th 15:05:2002 Brown
Suantre Champagnecharlie 3rd 16:05:2002 Brown
Fecheldee Apollo 3rd 23:05:2002 Lilac
Tamtonks Gorgy Porgy 2nd 01:06:2002 Blue
Tamtonks Keetings Kid 2nd 25:06:2002 Cream
Whyoo Deesonof Jana 3rd 25:06:1992 Chocolate
Grand  Champion Angisan Xanadoo Shadow 2nd 20:08:2002 Brown
Episcopuss Regulus 3rd 25:10:2002 Apricot
Toshiki Beau Brummel 4th 31:12:2002 Blue Tabby
Champion Toshiki Etheodor Ofhylily 4th 02:05:2003 Lilac
Hylily Chocolate Sorbet 3rd 18:05:2003 Chocolate
Hushpad Chailai Chanthra 1st 02:07:2003 Lilac
Tonkaholics Denzeltoshiki 4th 03:07:2003 Brown
Tonkaholics Charlie Brown 4th 13:11:2003 Brown
Bonzer Sonofbru 2nd 05:01:2004 Lilac
Hushpad Hot Toddy 2nd 08:08:2004 Red
Grand Champion Fecheldee Harry 2nd 01:11:2004 Apricot
Toshiki Noa Atsuantre 3rd 18:11:2004 Blue
Toshiki Michael Xromantica 4th    
Rameses Starbuck 1st 01:02:2005 Blue
Champion Shinarha Elijah 4th 06:04:2005 Lilac
Champion Toshiki Quevedo Oftaleh 5th 16:07:2005 Brown
Hushpad Kwahm Fahn 3rd 08:08:2005 Cream Tabby
Rameses Listo 2nd 13:12:2005 Blue Tabby
Suantre Crazydiamond Sid 5th 04:06:2006 Caramel (Lilac based)
Rameses Chaos 2nd 20:06:2006 Blue Tabby
Tarjjika Midnight Zodiac 3rd 22:07:2006 Chocolate
Tamtonks Sonofgorgy 3rd   Blue
Ferngully Princeofpanache 2nd   Brown Tabby
Whyoo Nehesi 2nd 12:09:2006 Brown Solid
Phabbay Comhlarinn Fargo 3rd 23:10:2006 Lilac
Amorcatz Pharoahs Kiss 2nd 22:02:2007 Blue pointed
Amorcatz Sherpa Tensing     Blue pointed
Angisan Shinto Kiko 2nd 09:03:2007 Chocolate
Tonkaholics Opalite 4th 04:04:2007 Apricot
Ferngully  Mr-Bluesky 3rd 07:07:2007 Blue pointed
Tarjjika Brandybuck 4th 18:09:2007 Lilac
Amorcatz Bourneville 3rd 12:02:2008 Brown Solid
Champion Elpidos Tabby Tiger 4th 28:04:2008 Blue Tabby
Chinktonks Nocturne 2nd 04:03:2008 Blue
Adniosh Touchstone 1st 16:12:2008 Lilac
Tarjjika Moonstone 4th 03:01:2009 Lilac
Romantica Remy Sunrise 3rd 13:05:2009 Red
Grand Champion Romantica Arabian Knight 3rd 21:05:2009 Chocolate
Suantre Maximus Oftallica 5th 15:08:2009 Chocolate pointed
Mimaperks Purrero Rocky   21:10:2009 Chocolate
Tallica Seek and Destroy      
Kamkai Just Agigolo 1st 18:10:2010 Blue
Tarjjika Amorcatz Zazu 4th 01:02:2011 Brown
Champion Tallica Knight and Day   02:02:2011 Brown
Grand Champion Tallica Mickey Blue Eyes   22:06:2011 Apricot
Fabiola The Moonstone Kid 1st 27:12:2011 Chocolate
Tamtonks Joshua Tree 1st 20:04:2012 Brown
Champion Tarjjika Simply Red 4th 01:05:2013 Red
Grand Champion Phabbay Ozzey Otto   11:07:2014 Lilac
Shinarha Rameses Moriarty 2nd 13:04:2016 Brown
Tallica Rameses Enigma   21:04:2016 Caramel

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