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Vital Spark e-mail addresses for the quire are given below
Frequently attending members without e-mail: Brian, Jo.

To send a message to the whole quire click on vital-spark-list and paste the address list into your message.  A more detailed explanation of this at the bottom.

Individual mailbox addresses - click on the address to send a message:

Carole Davies graham@vitalspark.org.uk
Cathy Rollo cathy@vitalspark.org.uk
Graham Davies graham@vitalspark.org.uk
Jackie Gribble jackie@vitalspark.org.uk
Jeni Parsons jeni@vitalspark.org.uk
John Smith johnsmith@vitalspark.org.uk
John Williams johnwilliams@vitalspark.org.uk
Jonathan Penley jonathan@vitalspark.org.uk
Judy Brierly judybrierly@vitalspark.org.uk
Julia Davies julia@vitalspark.org.uk
Lisa Warburton lisa@vitalspark.org.uk
Lynn Clearwaters lynn@vitalspark.org.uk
Mark Walbridge jackie@vitalspark.org.uk
Miranda Leonard miranda@vitalspark.org.uk
Noel Trigg noel@vitalspark.org.uk
Rachel Marshall rachel@vitalspark.org.uk
Richard Bartholomew richard@vitalspark.org.uk
Sarah Smith sarahsmith@vitalspark.org.uk
Simon Chadwick simon@vitalspark.org.uk
Sue Smith sue@vitalspark.org.uk
Tim Whittaker tim@vitalspark.org.uk
How to send messages to everyone in Vital Spark
To do this on a PC:
a)   Click on vital-spark-list,
b)   Highlight all the addresses in the file by: clicking at the top left, dragging to the bottom right and releasing,
c)   Press <ctrl>C - ie. press 'C' while you hold down the 'control' button at the bottom left of the keyboard.  This copies the addresses onto your clipboard
d)   Go to your e-mail program and open the message you want to send,
e)   Click the cursor in the 'To' field,
d)   Press <ctrl>V  - this should copy the addresses from the clipboard into your message.
Anomalies in e-mail addresses
To avoid / create confusion some people have their full names:
johnsmith johnwilliams
judybrierly (judycolliver)
sarahsmith (sarahdesmukh)
Also, due to the limited number of forwarding addresses, some people share the same address:
Mark & Jackie  jackie@vitalspark.org.uk
Carole & Graham graham@vitalspark.org.uk
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