Original CD: "Vital Spark"
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1. Pentonville
Psalm 96 Old Version. Music from A New Set of Psalms and Hymn Tunes by William Marsh of Canterbury.
2. The Shropshire Funeral Hymn
This was discovered by Gordon Ashman in a manuscript entitled The Shropshire Harmony by Thomas Owens of Henley Wood. In the manuscript the piece is called Psalm the 15th or to the funeral hymn by Jn Symons. This piece was probably written around 1816.
3. Psalm 57 Old Version
Awake my joy. From the Herring manuscript. Taken from Thomas Clark's Fifth Set of Psalm Tunes. This was published in 1815.
4. Vital Spark
The words are Alexander Pope's ode The Dying Christian to his Soul written around 1711. The music is by Edward Harwood written about 1786.
5. Awake Your Grateful Voices Rise.
Collected and researched at Exford, Somerset by Bob and Jacquie Patten. The words are from the Fred Winzer manuscript dated 1913. The music is from the John Bawden manuscript 1884.
6. The Magnificat.
From Evening Service in E flat by William Jackson of Exeter - a good example of music for a larger parish church.
7. Psalm 33 New Version.
From Thomas Clark's First Set of Psalm Tunes dated 1804.
8. Knaresborough
From the Herring manuscript. The music is by James Leach (1762 -1798) and the words are by Samuel Wesley senior.
9. Grafton
Music by Joseph Stone from Columbian Harmony from around 1788. The words are Isaac Watts' Hymn 1,19.
10. Morning
Music by Amos Pilsbury written in 1799 and the words by Isaac Watts. 
11. David's Lamentation
Music written by William Billings in 1779 and the text is from 2 Samuel 18:33. 
12. Reflection
Music by Supply Belcher from The Harmony of Maine 1794. The words are Isaac Watts' Psalm 73.
13. Sweet Prospect
Music by William Walker written in 1833. The words are by Samuel Stennett written in 1787. sung by Jackie Gribble, Grace Elliot, Mandy Batchelor and Lynn Clearwater.
14. The Better Land
Words and music by 0. A. Parris 1935.
15. Millbrook
Music by Neely Bruce written in 1944. The words are from the Old Baptist Hymnal. 
16. Birmingham
Music by Glen Wright written in 1994. The words are from Isaace Watts version of Psalm 92.
17. Daniels
Music written by Neely Bruce in 1964. Words from the Old Baptist Hymnal
18. Jordan
From the Herring manuscript and from A Collection of Tunes and Anthems composed and adapted for a Full Choir by the late James Leach. This was written about 1798. The words are by M. Williams. 
19. Gibraltar
This is from the Herring manuscript. The music is by W. J. White and the words are from Isaac Watts' version of Psalm 72.
20. Hail Smiling Morn
This was written by Reginald Spofforth who was born in 1770 and died in Herefordshire in 1836. This last piece is a glee and not a piece of church music and was written to be sung in a secular situation and would have certainly have been sung in a Glee Club, probably in a local pub. It was originally set for alto, tenor 1, tenor 2 and bass which suggests that ladies were not present. This piece opens the door to another source of almost forgotten but interesting music. 
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